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Hiya folks! As usual Ive away being busy with life and neglecting this tired old blog. I think I win the prize for laziest updater

Finals are only two and a half weeks away again. Its hard to believe that my second semester is already almost over! Its really true that life seems to go by much quicker in college. I unfortunately have to take four finals this semester…yuck! Linear algebra and Chinese should be predictable, but Differential Equations and Chinese History could be difficult. Im particularly scared of diffeq after the test in there last week.

Last week I can safely say has been my absolute worst week in college so far. I had four tests in that week, which should be illegal! My grades in differential equations and linear algebra have not been perfect, and I thought that this week would be my chance to regain my A. Oh how nave I was. Not only did I barely pull an 80 on the linear algebra exam, despite how much I studied, Im fairly certain I got in the 40-50 range on the diffeq test. This is one of the few times in my life where Ive actually miserably failed a test that I truly studied for. I was pretty upset for a little while, since I knew there would be no digging my way out of that hole, but I soon got over it. If I can scrape by this semester with a b in both math classes, I think I will be content. It has been a long, hard semester, and I realize now that I probably overloaded myself as far as classes go. Ill be extremely upset though if I wind up with a C in diffeq.

Speaking of classes, I actually register tomorrow for next semester and this summer. I did make the decision to stay in Austin this summer and take classes, so I get to register for both semesters at the same time. For the summer Im thinking Im going to take the second government class thats required for all students, and I also decided that I want to take American Sign Language. Ive wanted to start a second language here at UT, but I was worried that it would interfere with my Chinese studies. Then I realized that ASL would be perfect, since it doesnt even have speaking! Plus, I think learning ASL could be an extremely rewarding experience. Very excited! As for the Fall, Im planning on taking Algebraic Structures, 3rd semester Chinese, Applied Linear Algebra, Symbolic Logic, and (hopefully) 3rd semester ASL. In addition to that (which totals 16 hrs), I got accepted to the Peer Mentorship program, so Ill be sitting in on the same Freshman Seminar I took my first semester and helping the students. So if youre an incoming Freshman and youre looking for an interesting writing course to take, sign up for The Good/Bad/Ugly in Chinese Literature! Not only is Prof. Lai amazing, but yours truly will be there to help you out :) With this included, Ill be taking 19 course hours, which is basically suicide. Oh goody!

Im counting on this summer to be a really good time to relax, even though Ill be working and taking classes. Theres a number of things to look forward to at least. Ill finally be moving out of the dorms and into my co-op, which will be wonderful! Also, I get to fly up to Chicago to see my brother graduate (he went to University of Chicago). Itll be the first time in my life that well have a family reunionso that should be interesting. Im not quite looking forward to next semester as much as I was last semester (but then again, Im not nearly as disappointed with this semester), but I think it will bring a number of good things anyway. Im going to be hella busy obviously, but I think I will really enjoy my classes. No more bulls**t like differential equations (pardon the French). Ive found that I really do not get along with computational math, and that I much prefer the more theoretical things. But who cares anywayI somehow doubt Ill actually be doing anything related to math in my future career. Such is the way of math majors.

Alright, its like 2 in the morning now, and Im gonna be waking up early tomorrow to finish my linear algebra homework *barf*. I will probably update again soon since I havent in so long. Expect to hear good things!

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