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A Leak Like No Other!!!!

So last Wednesday morning I woke up around eight thirty and of course the very first thing I did was go to the restroom. This is a tradition that I have been executing since I can remember. However on this particular morning, there was something that was different. I walked into the restroom and my feet were covered by a pool of water. My first thought was that I had relieved myself on the floor, because it takes me awhile to wake up, but after I realized what was happening, I noticed there were droplets of water falling from my ceiling. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didnt know what to do because I had class at nine, but my apartments office did not open until that time. So what I did was run to my office and tell them the problem, then catch the bus to campus so that I would be able to at least show my face in the class. As soon as the class was over I headed straight to my apartment where I noticed that water was now coming in the walls and eventually seeping into my carpet. I had to back to the office so they could get a blower to dry the carpet.

So lets move on to yesterday. The entire weekend I had been complaining to the front office that I needed to get my carpet clean. TO my surprise, they tell me that the head of maintenance had already been to my apartment and had determined that the carpet did not need to be cleaned because the stain was already previously there. I asked how they new this information no one had been into my apartment and there was silence. The next lie they told me was that the stain was not where the water damage was. I replied by telling them that I had witnesses who saw the placement of the stain as well as the blower. So after we fought over the first two lies they told me, they eventually said there was no stain at all. So instead of continuing the debate between the two of us, I simply told them that I would like for it to be in writing that I will not incur any charges from this stain that they dont see now, but will see later when I move out because they want me to pay for it. This was my first experience with Ballpark apartments and it will for sure be my last.

So why am I writing this; because as freshmen it will be too hard to deal with the problems that you may face with your landlords or even apartment managers. There are many things that as freshmen you really should not want to deal with because you want your transition to UT to be as easy as possible. You want to make sure that you do not have to deal with all the things that people in apartments may have to deal with. I am not saying that this is something you can not handle, because you may as well can, but I am saying that your focus at UT or any university for that matter should not be messy disputes with landlords, but with your education.

With that being said, I encourage everyone to think about exactly what is and is not best for them. For some people, living in an apartment may not be the best thing but for others it may be. And also do your research. Talk to people who have lived in those apartments. Go visit the apartment complex if you can and stop someone who lives there to ask them about it. Dont just sign a lease because you like the way they look on the outside because it may be horrible. Ask the apartment complex how many people they have for maintenance, because if they have twelve buildings but only one part time crew member, you can best believe that your request will not be fulfilled in a timely manner.

This may sound like a lot but you do not want to sign up for a twelve or nine months lease and not be happy. I am not saying that my stay at my apartments was a pleasant one but I am saying that it could have been better had I actually researched the apartments more. Just remember some people had a worse experience than I had.

Random Fact- I am now out of room in my closet as well as my drawers because I have TOOOOOOOOO many clothes. I will be donating some this summeryou should as well if you are in the same predicament.

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