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One Month Musings

I think it’s time I took a break from mundane listing and silly stories to actually let you guys in on what a month at UT is like for me. This is particularly for those of you who aren’t sure how to keep yourselves busy or don’t believe UT can provide you with enough excitement over the course of thirty days.

I applied to be the pianist for the Plan II Musical, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” Lo and behold, they decided to take me on! And with over a hundred pages of sheetmusic involved, it kept me quite busy!

I decided to drop the position as the pianist because I decided to pick up a research position. I am about to embark on my first research project with a professor from Cambridge University in a few weeks. …it’s just virtual drug screening… thousands of amino acid codes and protein matches with a guy who’s done research all over the world…to cure cancer… Nope, no pressure at all.

I helped throw a surprise birthday party for my best friend. Streamers, birthday cakeS, balloons, and an obligatory PINATA. My very very important job that day was to distract and keep the birthday girl from leaving campus so that at 6pm, she could meet us all in someone’s apartment and be under the severe attack of silly string. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It was one of the best conducted surprise birthdays I have ever witnessed, and- believe me- the scramble to get everything ready, surprise her, go out to a nice birthday dinner, come back for some cake, go play bowling, and make it back just in time for a rocking Daft Punk Themed apartment party that just HAPPENED to also take place that night… will keep you VERY busy.

I go home to Mommy at least once a month.

I finally went apartment hunting. Yeah… we mustered up the energy to finally take an afternoon to hit up all the complexes around Riverside (south of campus). Currently looking into Longhorn Landing (the hot tour guide was a great marketing strategy, I tell you). This is vaguely how the discourse went…
Future roommate:How is security here? What comes included in the rent? Where are the bus stops? What is your policy on lease breaking? And what’s the maintenance policy here?
Me: OOH! AND are all the kitchen cabinets this color?

Make some BANK on the side… So I did quite a bit of debate in high school and now that I’ve graduated from the hellhole institution of intellectual destruction they call high school, I can go judge at debate tournaments on the weekends for money! $200 for ten hours? I can finally buy more ramen noodles!

I kick it at Gregory. Eventhough midterms have definitely gotten in the way the past few weeks, I try to spend a couple of days out of my week at the gym. My friends and I are currently taking a kickboxing and step class- we even tried out some bellydancing classes at one point!

I entered a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament held on campus and outlasted my boyfriend. I think that’s enough said.

I threw in some obligatory weekend debauchery. I can say that even in the busiest week of volunteering, lab, class, and homework, people need to make time to kick back and have some actual FUN. This is to prevent any stress-induced deaths among the student body. I can check out a movie, hit the 18-and-up clubs on the infamous 6th street (for some good CLEAN dancing, that is- HI MOM!), go see a sports game, play some pool or bowling in the Union, watch one of the billion plays/dance performances/musicals on campus, or cruise downtown for some awesome live music.

P.S. This week, the snippets are a little shady over dinner.
Barira: How about we all go over to my place after dinner?
Aatiya: Wait. We have to clean the…
Barira: OH YEAH-
Aatiya: No, it’s ok, we can hide it-
Barira: Yeah, we’ll put it in my room or something-

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