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Farewells and such!

Well kiddos, its about that timetime for me to post one last time. Its been fun while its lasted, and Ive really been so lucky as to have this opportunity to speak to all of you out there. Many thanks to those in charge, and to the readers! I certainly hope Ive made a difference!

The past few weeks have been indescribably stressful. I started studying for finals very early, and didnt stop until two days ago. All of my finals went relatively well, except differential equations was ridiculously hard. But Im finally done now!! I realize in my earlier entries I spoke of the impending doom of my GPA, but I pulled out this semester with all As and 1 B in differential equations! Go me!!!!!!

I know I obsess over my grades like its nobodys business, but I cant tell yall how worried Ive been this semester about mine. I am so determined to get into a good grad school, so keeping my grades up is my top priority. This is the primary reason for why I quit gymnastics earlier. So now that I ended the semester strong, Ive been in high spirits!

I am actually back in College Station now, and things are as boring as ever here. The highlight of my day consisted of me going to the grocery store. I did finally wash/vacuum my car for the first time in a year though! Life is settling down after the mayhem that was Spring 08. Hopefully Ill get a chance to catch up on movies/TV/anything-that-isnt-homework. I already do miss Austin though. It was sad saying goodbye to all the preschoolers, my friends, and my teachers. Despite being more stressed than Ive ever been in my life, I had a good time this semester.

Fortunately, I have a fun summer to look forward to! Im only here in College Station until the end of this month, and then Im driving to New Mexico with my mom for a week to see some relatives. After that, its back in Austin for me! Im taking one class this summer, and working at the ECJ library. Fun times.

I really learned a lot about myself this past semester, as I did the semester before. I was having doubts about whether I really wanted to stick with being a math major, but after this semester I realize that I do enjoy it. Linear algebra was a great class, despite how time consuming it was, and it really was something I enjoyed learning. Differential equations was much more of an engineering class, and so it was differentmy feelings toward it are fairly neutral. Would I call math my passion in life?….No, probably not. I think languages hold that spot (as well as food!), hence the double major. Ive only grown to love studying Chinese more and more this year, and Im so excited to keep my studies going. Its a challenge, but Im enjoying every minute of it! Outside of academics, I found how important it is to keep good friends as moral support. College is a whole mess of emotions, and without my best friends here (Jen, Crystal, Nathan, Charles, Chaz, Bret, the 3rd floor crew), I dont think I could have gotten through it! I owe them so much for sitting there and listening to me complain for hours and hours :) Im so grateful that I made so many good friends this semesterI wish I had given myself the chance to do so last semester. As far as relationships goIve learned a lot about what I think Im looking for. Basically all I will say is that I definitely havent found it yet! Luckily I have plenty of things to distract myself with.

As some final words of wisdom to those coming in next year, I think you should enter UT with an open mind, and a eagerness to succeed. People can tell when youre driven, and they will respond to that. If youre talking with a professor, and they can tell youre genuinely interested in the subject, they will go out of their way to help you. Find your passion! Thats really that college is all about. I really dont understand those who come and simply float by, with no excitement or passion at all. If I didnt love what I was studying, I dont know if Id even be in college.

I want to again thank all of you out there for a great year! I wish the staff, the readers, and the other bloggers the best of luck (especially to Alex and Renee, who are graduating!). 再見 and goodbye!

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