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Well, classes are over, and theres only finals left to finish now. Granted, it doesnt feel anything like summer yetbut in like 9 days it will! Heres to hoping Ill survive until then!

The past few weeks have been absolutely nuts for me! I feel like I have had a million things to take care of for the end of the semester. I have had to take care of things related to the two jobs I applied for (Engineering library for the summer, and calculus tutor for next year), along with preparing for being a student peer mentor. Keep in mind this is just the stuff Im doing that *isnt* related to classes! As with everyone at the end of the semester, I have been having a panic attack at realizing that my grades arent nearly as good as I want them to be. I think I might end up getting 3 Bs this semester.*cringe*. I suppose thats what I get for being more social this semester.

As far as finals go, I have four to take (2 on May 7th, 1 on the 8th, and 1 on the 13th). To my surprise, I only need a 65 on the Chinese final to keep my A in that classso Im not too terribly worried about that. On the other hand, I need like a 97 on linear algebra, an 85 in Chinese history, and like a 400 on diffeq to have As in those classes. Faaantastic! Me and the PCL/Union have been getting real friendly lately.

Right now Im just sitting here studying in the Union, even though its Saturday. This weekend is probably one of the biggest party weekends all semester, but I cant decide if I want to go out tonight. I just have an overwhelming amount I need to review, so Im thinking I may just stay in. Well see though. Its sortof odd, because that sort of decision has defined a great deal of my semester. I have been infinitely more social this semester, and I think my grades are going to suffer because of it. At the same time, Id say Ive been happier. I dont know if thats the price I have to pay, or if I just need to find a healthy balance. Its always a challenge.

Im a bit sad that next weekend is my last weekend with the pre-schoolers! Ive really come to love working with the kids this semester, and just when I get used to the routine, its time for it to be over. I hope the kids dont take it too hard! Perhaps Ill get a chance to continue volunteering thereit *has* been an excellent opportunity for me to practice my Chinese!

So periodically this semester Ive spoken with a few teachers about me studying abroad in the future. Ive pretty much made the final decision that Im going to go abroad all of my third year. Where Im going, and when Ill leave is still being decided. One of my professors suggested that I take a summer abroad in Taiwan, and then go to the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) for the academic year. This would be good, as Id really get a full exposure to the two most prominent Chinese-speaking nations. Also, in Taiwan they speak a dialect of Mandarin called guoyu, which Ive had the chance to become used to since all of the teachers at the pre-school are from Taiwan. Additionally, Ive been focusing my writing skills on traditional Chinese characters, which are used in Taiwan. Going to both areas would really be the best opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge to the fullest extent. Its exciting just thinking about it!

Current Thought Only eight more days until Im finally done with my first year of college! It went by so quickly

Other Current Thought Im getting a cat this summernames, anyone?!?!

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