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The Lore of the Albino Squirrel

Gather round, children. It’s time to hear the story of the great albino squirrel.

We have one or more albino squirrels on campus. He/she/they are just like regular squirrels except the hair is completely white. Pretty striking, and pretty cool. The lore is that if you see the squirrel, then you’ll have good luck on whatever tests you have that week.

Last year, I saw the albino squirrel

  • the day I made Ransom Notes
  • the day I miraculously pulled a B on my Physics final, giving me a B in the class
  • the day I asked out my ex-boyfriend

So, needless to say, I am a believer. Well, was.

I saw the albino squirrel last week, and on Saturday someone rammed into the side of my car, totaling it. I saw the infernal creature on Thursday, at which point I tried to take the bus (cuz my car’s busted, of course) to a friend’s apartment on Riverside and accidentally took the Northbound route and ended up way out on Manor Road. (map – see how far apart they are??) I saw the brat AGAIN today, cuz he’s been lurking near the music building – who knows what sadness is waiting around the corner. Let’s just hope it’s not related to the football game tomorrow…. :-0

EDIT: 45-35, Texas, in one of the most engaging Big XII games ever. My Fantasy Football team won. AND nothing went terribly wrong this weekend. How could I have ever doubted you, great albino squirrel?

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October 10, 2008 | | Comments are closed for this post

2 Comments to The Lore of the Albino Squirrel

awww Paul! sorry to hear about your terrible day. i haven’t seen the squirrel yet, and now i’m not sure i want to… : )

October 13, 2008
— Archana

Eek. Next time ya see him, check his eyes. Black eyes + tannish underside of his tail = Not Albino.

Sorry to hear about your mixed fortune. I’ve personally never seen an albino squirrel on campus — though I have seen a white one a couple times…

October 16, 2008
— Robert Connally
photo of Paul