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I’m free, I’m free!

For four weeks at least. This semester has gone by rather quickly. It feels like just last week I was stumbling around the campus. It was a lot easier in the summer, we only had classes in some buildings and the only dorms open were Duren and Kinsolving in the northeast corner.

Summer classes were a lot of fun. Challenging, but it was still summer. While our friends are out playing, we’re in class learning. And then that “summer vacation” of six days. But in the fall, all the people came and it was even more fun!

And then, in the last week that actually happened, things got intense. I can’t remember the last time I studied so hard for so long, maybe for those AP tests back in high school. I got the grades that I wanted, and everything turned out for the better. In two of my classes, the final was worth 50 percent of the semester average. It’s a good feeling to get a good grade in the class because you aced the final. With that in mind, I’m definitely ready for this next semester!

My friends and I are thinking of getting an apartment for the coming fall semester… I hope it’s not too late to check those out. Living on campus is really fun, but there are so many places to visit in Austin it’s just not convenient enough. For one, I discovered Whole Foods and Central Market over the summer, and I want to go there at LEAST once a month. Of course, there’s the obvious option of bringing a car to the garage, but that’s just too much of a hassle.

I’m going to be missing Austin soon, but right now, I’m enjoying lollygagging at home. If you can name one person who uses that word, you win cookies.

Photo by Patrick Lu.

For those of you interested in photography, check out Patrick’s various how-to blog posts!

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1 Comment to I’m free, I’m free!

Hi, my name is Weiyi Li and I come from mainland China. I’m applying for 2009 fall smester in Texas and I hope you can help me to solve a question…I am wondering that can I still apply for the “Honor Program” after I enter university?
P.S. Wish you have a happy holiday~

January 2, 2009
— Weiyi Li
photo of Joseph