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Devastation and Reform or: Bittersweet, You’re Gonna Be The Death of Me or: At Least I Had Fun With Her

Gravity’s always pullin’ down on me,

And I resist as one who knows resistance is in vain.

Yet, I can’t say that this was anyone’s fault but my own,

And hopefully by the end of this semester I will have grown.

Hopefully I will understand

That things don’t always go as planned,

And failure is necessary.

I don’t know if I’ll even learn by then,

But hopefully I’ll start to begin

To see my life for what it is,

And not what I want it to be.

Sometimes I think I’m not meant for popularity,

Mostly because I don’t know how to handle it,

But honestly, sometimes I don’t want it.

Sometimes I just want to have a tree,

A basket, a blanket, and a nice girl with me,

To sit, relax, and possibly sip some tea.

Ponder the things aloft, and just enjoy the sunny day

As we listen to the traffic along the highway.

Alas, I’m stuck in my dorm, me and my sub par GPA,

Reflecting on my failures and wasting time away.

It’s nice to dream and fly high.

But that sometimes results in a fiery blazing crash,

Which you survive but makes you want to act as if nothing’s wrong.

It’s easy to conceal the wounds on the inside,

I think…

I’m rambling…

What I want so much, should never hurt this bad…

This bittersweet life is gonna be the death of me.

I love you and hate you at the very same time…

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