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Goodbye, But Not Forever (Not Even Close)

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College has allowed me to explore friendship in two ways: make new friends and strengthen old friendships.

With 50,000 roaming our great campus, you are bound to make a new friend or two. Through classes, clubs, parties, and random situations, you will meet some truly incredible people. People whose viewpoints challenge you, people who make you laugh so hard you pee a little, people who cheer you up on your worst day. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

And then there are the friendships you’ve had for a long time – in my case, it was my high school friends. We were, without shame, Student Council buffs, right down to the icebreakers, fundraisers and spirit campaigns. If I hear the Wiggalow one more time, I think my brain will explode.

The seven of us (2 seniors, 5 juniors) have changed so much. Much of this is due to our academics and extracurricular activities – biology, dance, engineering, etc. We make new friends, explore new activities, and are brought together at the end of the day. Their friendship has given me so much strength of heart, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

One of our bunch is studying abroad this semester, and though I hate to admit it, her absence has been extremely hard on me. We approach many things in the exact same way: Overachievers. Creative. Tough as nails. A little crazy, but good. It’s been hardly a month since she left, but I cannot wait for her to come home.

I’m sure many of you Longhorns can relate to missing a far-away friend.

On the bright side, I am very grateful for email, Skype and blogs. These communication channels certainly bridge the distance. And it helps that we’re both animated writers – when I read her emails, I can truly hear her voice.

Though she is so far away, I am enormously proud of her decision to study abroad. I never did, and I would chalk it up to being my biggest college regret. This is the time in your life to see the world, without responsibility, and open your mind. UT has a plethora of resources about studying abroad, so to all you incoming freshmen – check it out and plan ahead!

We are too goofy for our own good.

We are too goofy for our own good.

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1 Comment to Goodbye, But Not Forever (Not Even Close)

There’s nothing wrong with peeing a little from laughter. Funny story about that if laughing excessively hard is ever brought up in conversation. Remind me.

1 Kudo for The Truth.

March 3, 2009
— Van
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