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Anyone awake?

I usually wake up at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays to get ready for my 11 a.m. class. I’m a morning shower kind of guy. Well, this morning was a little different. My morning got spiced up, you can say.

I’m peacefully sleeping in my bed, with the usual ambient sounds of car alarms and buses that acoustically accompany 21st street. Except this morning, that strange sounding car alarm was more clear than usual. It had a person speaking, too… I open my eyes and listen closely. It sounded like some sort of… Emergency drill alarm. “Bird feathers!!” I thought in my head (I didn’t really say ‘bird feathers’), “Please, please, please, please, please be the dorm across the street.” Nope. Someone in the hallway shouts, “Dude! Wake up, fire drill!” So I pull myself out of bed… And I consider a continuation of my sleep… But the alarm is too shrill.

I walk outside in the stark morning light. I wasn’t alone in my morning activity of sleeping. Bedhead, pajamas, and sleepy eyes stand like zombies on the other side of the street. Everyone’s just standing there, wondering what’s going on. I hear, “This better be real,” and “I was already in the bathroom,” from a couple of bystanders. About two minutes later, someone walks out and everyone cheers for him, “You’re already dead, bro!!” He had slept through most of the alarm.

Well, we’re still standing there, and a fire truck shows up. Oh great, this is the real deal, I thought. I’m not saying fire is an inconvenient thing (don’t play with matches, kids), but I’m glad I got out of the room. If anything, I was expecting the sprinklers in the room to go off. I suppose they’re operated by a fire alarm in each room so everyone doesn’t get soaked every time someone wants to straighten their hair. I had my cell phone, wallet, and key to my room. I’m dressed in a huge T-shirt and basketball shorts. I would have gone to pick up some breakfast burritos, but I realized I still had my retainers in.

I’m not bitter or anything, I had to be up in about an hour, but I feel bad for the students who have noon or 1 p.m. classes… Or like some of my friends, were skipping their morning classes in hope of getting more sleep. But I do wonder if anyone’s room got inundated by the sprinklers…

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