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And We Are Back!

I was planning on submitting this entry soon after we came back from Spring Break, but now I am looking back and it has almost been two weeks since we got back to campus and needless to say, after one restful week with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in The Woodlands, school picked up incredibly quickly right away. The sleep I caught up on over the break I think is already lost with what was waiting for me when I came back:

An English midterm, papers, endless amount of reading that I have to admit I am still catching up on, the conclusion of LEAP, LEAP graduation, and SVB newsletters. And to add to all of that, one exam this week, another one next week, and the list continues.

Spring Break was incredibly restful and I definitely enjoyed spending time with my family- I hadn’t seen them this semester since January when they dropped me off at school, so we had plenty to catch up on as well. I went to the Houston Rodeo with my aunt and my cousin and we saw Gary Allan; we all went to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” definitely recommend it; and towards the end of the break we took a trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. While all of this was fun, to me- being able to just spend time with them was all I needed. That week completely “disconnected” me from the every day hectic-ness, I caught my breath, lived on less than four cokes or coffee per day because I didn’t need to force myself to stay up and re-charged to end the semester as strong as possible.  I also had the rare opportunity to really spend time with my cousins, who are growing up too fast!

Gary Allan

Gary Allan

I had to...

I just had to...

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Yes...and I just had to do this too...

Yes...and I just had to do this too...

That's Iliana and I ...

That's Iliana and I ...

Please take note of the number of homework-related activities during the break: almost none. I packed up every possible book I had to catch up on work, but as I should know by now, it never works out that way. On the bright side, maybe this helped me really gain some energy back to put it into school once I got back.

Now is back into the full swing of things and as we get closer to the end of the semester, exams keep piling up, work keeps piling up, projects are due, and registration for classes for my last Fall semester at UT is right around the corner. It is at this time during the semester that we have the opportunity to put as much effort as possible to fix anything that didn’t go so well in the first round of exams, or keep doing what we were doing if we did good, so that we can finish off strong. It is also a busy time of the semester as everything is coming to an end- the organizations that I am involved in are going through the transition of leadership for next year and we are having our biggest events of the year being held. And on a more personal note, it starts to get bittersweet in general as the semester comes to an end soon and summer comes around. I am always torn apart between really really looking forward to seeing my parents and spending three whole months with them and then not wanting to leave for so long from my friends here in Austin. On the other hand, I won’t be ready to come back for my very last year as an undergraduate at UT  (I say as an undergraduate in the hopes that UT will let me come back for graduate school…)

So I am trying to slow down the clock…if anyone figures out how, let me know! But since I may not be able to slow down time, there is one thing I can do: really make the most out of each day, put all the energy I can into everything I do each day, continue to find balance to enjoy those important things that sometimes we overlook during our hectic every day routine. Sounds cliche? Yes. But oh so true.


Highlights since Spring Break (and what to look forward to reading in my next entry):

-Our last LEAP workshop :(

-An English Midterm

-Project Reach Out

-My Political Communication Exam yesterday

-Being offered a position on the Leadership and Ethics Institute Executive Board

-To write an Honors Thesis or not to write an Honors Thesis? That is the question.

-LEAP Graduation

Jimmy and Ryan- my LEAP Co-Chairs- before the LEAP Graduation

Jimmy and Ryan- my LEAP Co-Chairs- before the LEAP Graduation

-I am confused about what to do next: My Career Counseling experience

-My first time going to the Alamo Drafthouse

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