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This Could Be the Last Time

Whoo! I am so glad it’s Wednesday. Last Wednesday was almost as great as this one. And it’s not because this day was just so awesome, but because I can always breathe a little easier on this day.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of last week were horrible days with me trying to finish up two papers, one presentation and study for my Chemistry test on Wednesday. I barely got any sleep. But now that’s all over. I turned in my papers Tuesday, did my presentation and took my Chemistry test on Wednesday and scored a 100!

And today, I just finished my first final: Chemistry. I have one more to go, but it’s at the lamest possible time. Yoruba final on Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. Ew.

So now because I’m unoriginal and have issues with change I’m gonna do the same thing I did at the end of last semester and write a goodbye letter to my classes! :D

Dear Theatre,

I’m really glad I took you! Sure we had our issues every now and then, what with you being an 8 a.m. class and all. But we got through those times in the morning. I think it’s amazing that I never once fell asleep in this class. But that just shows how good you were to me. So much random information about theatre and I loved it all! And I’m lucky I took you this year, this semester because then I got to know about the New Works Festival and see some new plays for free (shout out to my favorite play, “The Psyche Project”)! I’m more excited about seeing next year’s plays now. Thanks for the good times.

Dear Chemistry in Context,

Ah, we’ve had our ups and downs. There were times when you tricked me with your tests, making me feel like I did great only to get my results and be…disappointed. But that’s OK. Kindly destroying your last test has taken the edge off some of my bitterness. Selling your book was even more rewarding.

Dear Yoruba,

OK, last semester was more fun, mainly because we had more people. But that’s OK. I still had a good time this semester. Learned a bit more about my culture. And I’m looking forward to two more semesters with you…*sigh*

Dear Critical Issues in Journalism,

Probably my most eye-opening class of the semester. It’s thrown me a bunch of curve balls about…the world and how I fit into it. But that’s OK. OK, not really, getting shaken up isn’t all that fun. But it had to happen sometime and better sooner than later, right? Hopefully I’ll get to take more journalism classes in the near future. *crosses fingers*



P.S. Title doesn’t mean that this is my last blog, it’s just a quote from the All-American Rejects’ song 11:11 P.M. One more entry coming at ya!

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