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Hey there.


My name is Ao but some people call me Mike. This is because of the TV show Knight Rider. Some people think I do interesting things with my time and a small percentage of said people wanted me to tell you about some of those interesting things that they tell me I do. Or so I’m told.

So here are some things about me.

Every day when I wake up I am Chinese and American; sometimes more Chinese than American but mostly not. I brush my teeth with Colgate and I use the cheapest brand of soap I can find. This whole waking up thing happens usually around 8 a.m or so. My classes don’t start till a few hours later but I usually have breakfast and go over my homework to pass the time. Time passes real fast up here now and it wont slow down for no one, nope sir-e not even you.

I come to the University of Texas at Austin from Katy, Texas. No, not that Katy, Texas with the exciting football team, the Katy, Texas that is a nice suburb where the people living don’t ask for much and the people not living ask for less. I’ve sometimes referred to Katy, Texas in conversation as a cultural wasteland, but I think that such a label is kind of unfair. There is culture there somewhat. In small and easily digestible amounts.

Since I have moved to Austin I have lived in a dorm room that has large windows right next to the bed. I’m on the top bunk and greet the dawn daily. Recently I bought a record player from 1974, and I sometimes go hunting for records when I have nothing else to do on the weekends. It is an expensive hobby.

I’m fairly bad with money. I mean, one day I walked into Barnes and Nobles looking for a copy of Wurthering Heights for school but they were sold out, so out of a feeling of half paranoia and half obligation I purchased a copy of Richard III (the nice Pelican edition too). Sometimes when I get a really good deal on something I immediately spend the monies that I could have saved on some thing or another thing. It’s all justified in my mind.

I’m trying to learn Russian because my handwriting is bad.

I’m really bad about taking pictures of things, even at important events. Sometimes I shake Sam Rockwell’s hand and he asks me if I want to take a picture with him but I say “naw man that’s cool” because I want to appear like someone that’s cool with shaking hands with Sam Rockwell. But then I don’t get that picture, and when I tell my roommate that I shook hands with Sam Rockwell, he believes me and I don’t.

I prepared some sort of notes on what I was going to say in my first post in my multivariable calculus class. Over the notes I drew some sort of small 4-paneled comic, so that the original outline for this post is illegible. The comic is still fine though. In the comic a professor asks a class if anyone has any questions over his lecture. The students reply with deafening silence, so the professor says “All right, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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September 23, 2009 | | Comments are closed for this post

2 Comments to Hey

Nice post.
I’m thinking about going to UT, and I’m in 8th grade.

November 6, 2009
— Angel

Hey there,
I’m Russian :)
So I was curious to ask.. why did you chose Russian as your major?

December 3, 2009
— D
photo of Ao