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Red, Black & White

This past weekend my organization, Texas Latin Dance, held its third social of the semester. Socials are a chance to come out to meet people and in the case of TLD, a chance to come out and practice dancing. Every week a group of officers teaches an hour of a particular Latin genre followed by an hour of salsa. Most members don’t get any other chance to develop their dancing further than what we teach so we hold socials once a month in order to give our member a chance to learn a little more.

With that said…

The turnout to this years Red, Black & White Social was great and many new members were able to come out and show off the new moves they’ve learned. The night started off a bit slow but with each bus that arrived from campus came another group of people ready to dance the night away.

I really enjoyed the diversity we had this year. Texas Latin Dance is of course an organization based on Latin dancing and therefore the largest interest in the org. comes from the Latin community. It seems like over the past few semesters we’ve been expanding and reaching out to communities we hadn’t really reached out to before. It was nice to see everyone just dance and enjoy themselves for a night.

One downturn is that some of the newer members get intimidated by the more experienced members but in the end that’s why we all come out, to learn!


To anyone interested. Look us up. We are very friendly and are always glad to help. Dancing is a good break from the stress of studying and it only takes one semester to learn.

Until next post…

Manuel Roman

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October 13, 2009 | | By Manuel | 2 Comments

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