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Adjective: divided into two branches or parts; forked. Ex: I weigh the bifurcate paths of my life.

I realize that I forgot to properly introduce myself. A quick intro, then:

I was born in Toronto, Canada. I become inordinately sentimental when I see collective displays of patriotism. On campus, I’m involved in Orange Jackets, an honorary women’s service and leadership organization; the Women’s Resource Agency, an agency of Student Government that spreads awareness of women’s issues and brings together organizations that implement programming for women; and, a handful of newspapers, magazines and websites. In college, I’ve written for The Daily Texan, Nazar: A South-Asian Publication, burntOrange,, and I’ve edited The Undecided, a periodical based in the Plan II Honors Program. Last year, two friends and I started Texas Feminists, an organization to promote an encompassing definition and practice of third-wave feminism on campus. And I’ve also acted in a couple of student-run shows and sung for an a cappella group. Right now, I’m trying to take it easy with the student organizations because I’m a books and culture intern at The Texas Observer, I work as a receptionist at the Plan II office, and I’m (supposed to be) writing my thesis. I love languages, books, and J. Crew. And the Oxford comma.

You can join me on my quest to find a job this year. I thought I was going to apply to law school, but I am not. Not yet, anyway. So I’m looking for jobs in the Middle East. Unfortunately, I know a paltry semester’s worth of Arabic, and they don’t actually speak that much French in the Middle East. I learned that this summer, when I was in Lebanon, foolishly speaking French as people stared at me blankly.

I imagine everyone else is probably blogging about Austin City Limits, a music festival held annually that draws in people from all over the country. I’ll keep it short, then. This was my first year in attendance, and let me just say that I was so legitimate, in my Chaco sandals and tie-dyed t-shirt that my friend Nikki’s roommate made for me when we realized I had no hippie clothing. So legitimate.

In other news, the CIA might have some job security now that General McChrystal is talking about counterinsurgency and new tactics in Afghanistan.

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October 5, 2009 | | Comments are closed for this post

2 Comments to Bifurcate


I’m a junior in high school in Louisiana, and I’m thinking of going to UT when i graduate and majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and minoring in Women’s Studies. Reading this has made me feel like i should definitely make this one of my top schools to pick from (right now, it is pretty much between Louisiana State University and UT anyway..)!

Could you possibly tell me a bit about your experience over at UT in the Middle Eastern Studies department? I’d love to hear about it, and I really need some kind of feedback from actual students from the colleges I’m thinking of going to.

Thanks in advance!


October 25, 2009
— Meredith Albritton

Hi Meredith,

Both the Middle Eastern Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies programs here are great. WGS culls faculty from across campus whose interests are interdisciplinary, and it’s growing rapidly. MES is also incredible, and there are a lot of students who use Arabic to fulfill their “Middle Eastern language” requirement. There’s also Turkish, Farsi, and Hebrew, I believe. I just think this is a very well established program, with wonderful faculty and a lot of connections.

Hope that helps!

November 16, 2009
— Sara
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