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It’s Getting Cold… Darn, That Means Finals Are Near

Hey everybody how’s it goin?

As an update to my last post, Cartel was amazing! I saw them at Emo’s with my friend Felicia last week. They played a lot of songs from their new album and of course, many of their older hits including my favorite “Honestly.” A lot of the time when I go to concerts I make a point to try’n get to the front, but I’ve discovered that the very front isn’t actually the best place in the crowd. The best place to be is actually about 5 spots back from there. If you’re in the very front, maintaining your position is a constant liability and it’s somewhat uncomfortable. If you’re about 5 spots back, there’s breathing room and you are also much more free to jump up and down. Plus, a lot of the free stuff gets thrown in that area.

Now to Greek life, our pledges were formally initiated this past Sunday. It was a mildly nostalgic experience for me. I’ve spent 10 straight weeks and countless hours taking care of these guys and now it’s time for them to become official members of Sigma Pi. It’s a bit of a relief to not have to be so uptight with all the pledges, but at the same time it’s gonna suck not having pledges around to do our bidding. In any case, I’m happy for all of our new members and I’m glad they made it through. Great times await them.

Ah! I totally forgot our basketball team had a game today, like just now. Oh well, they’ll be many more. Since we’re on the subject of sports, did I mention Texas won?.. Again. Winning never gets old. Ya know I was thinking the other day and it’s kind of amazing how great Texas Athletics are. We’re ranked in the top 3 in football, basketball, and volleyball, we made it to the national championship game in baseball this past year, and those are only the sports that I know of. I am sure we are ranked high nationally in many other sports as well.

Last week of class! I’m so excited that this is the last week of class this semester. I have so many major assignments and tests to endure this week, but it will be well worth it once the week is through. As I write this blog, I’m pulling an all nighter. I’ve found that pulling an all nighter the day before a test suits me best. That way, I get to sleep and I’ve heard that sleep plays an integral role in the memory process so I get those benefits as well. Before I go, I bought an ad on Facebook today to try and fill this house I’m trying to lease for next fall. I was very hesitant to spend money trying to advertise this thing on Facebook, but decided to go through with it at the last minute. I’m really curious to see how effective ad space on Facebook is. I’ll just have to wait and see.. hopefully I don’t lose too much money, lol. As always, feel free to leave me any comments, suggestions, or questions. Ttyl.

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