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If +/- Friended Me on Facebook, I Would Ignore Him

It’s finally over! Pheww, that was entertaining. As you might guess, I spent the last three weeks of school slaving over all my finals and end of the semester major assignments.

It seems my professors this year like to stack all the heavy stuff right around the same time. Anyways, I made it out of that hurricane not too bad, but it would’ve been better had I not been subjected to this whole +/- affair. I mean, they say it’s to level out grades, but so far it’s only proven to me that it makes good grades that much harder to obtain. As if A’s weren’t hard enough to get! Now instead of striving for a 90, you have to strive for a 94, and trust me, those ain’t no 4 gimme points. It’s not like going from a 70 to a 74. Once you get up in the 90 range, you have to fight for every extra point. Anyways, before this turns into a rant let me talk about a more exciting topic. UT basketball!

This past Saturday I made it out to the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington to see our No. 2 ranked basketball team take on the Tarheels. As expected, we came out with a W and the game was a lot of fun to be at. It was my first time at the new Cowboys stadium and it did not disappoint. That place is amazing. I got lost on the way out,lol. Afterwards, me and my good friend Joe made a trip out to Dallas and its surrounding areas to visit my friends out there. I met up with Kayla, Catherine, Lauren, and some of my fraternity brothers. We went to Vista Ridge mall and saw the “Blindside.” Great movie, very inspirational. It was great seeing all my friends, but perhaps the most interesting development was my ability to finally agree on something with the most argumentative girl in the world, Lauren Eichhorn. She reminds of “the most interesting man in the world.” That guy from the Dos Equis commercial…with a modified title of course,lol.

I’m finally back home in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley). I realized I was getting pretty close when I stopped at a convenient store and saw tacos that actually look tasty, those Laredo taco company tacos, yum. Unfortunately, I’ve started eating clean again and those same tasty tacos are a bit off limits right now, along with 90% of all other food. It’s kinda depressing going to fast food restaurants. All the food is so bad for you. It goes from depressing to mildly upsetting, but then I just laugh it off and watch my friends eat up their fries, burgers, and cokes. It feels gratifying exercising will power.

I realize that at this point many of you reading this blog may have been recently accepted to UT. I bet it’s an exciting time and you have a lot of questions about the 40 Acres and what lies ahead. Feel free to message me over the break as I will have a lot more free time and would be happy to answer any questions from anyone. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and New Year’s:D ttyl

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