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A Misadventure (Murphy, I Despise Thee…)

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Dear Murphy,

You know who you are. The one that makes everything go wrong. This entry is for you.

I think you tricked me into staying up all night on Tuesday. That is the only explanation I can find. Classes haven’t even started yet and I’m already pulling all nighters. Of course, I wouldn’t have needed to stay up all night if the website I was trying to upload to my FTP server didn’t time out my connection — twice — and necessitate uploading the whole thing again from the beginning. And I might have still been able to go to sleep, had I not then had to fix a few minor problems, which required a third, complete, republish. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t know you had something to do with this. You knew I was planning to go to campus the next day.

You are also clearly responsible for the mix-up with my professors and book selection. You must have thought it was funny. Four times, I checked the website and my schedule. Four times, it showed me the same book. Upon getting to the Co-op to buy this book (the only one I was to buy from there, as you well knew,) they told me that MY professor had not assigned any books for the semester. You knew Shorkey wasn’t teaching the Monday/Wednesday class, didn’t you. Not that you let me in on that secret. You just laughed as I walked out of the Co-op with nothing but a bag full of blue books.

I waited for the bus. You made it rain.

I waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. Had two phone conversations while I waited. I finally decided the bus wasn’t coming. It had been twenty minutes. Naturally, as soon as I got far enough from the bus stop, it came. I was just far enough away that I couldn’t make it back, even running. (Which I did.)

Oh Murphy, I was angry with you then. So angry, that I lost all control of my common sense and decided to chase the bus. Farther and farther away it drove. And I chased it — down Guadalupe, around Dean Keeton, to the next bus stop. Where I sat. And waited. And waited. And waited. Because, as you well know, I am not fast enough to catch a bus.

Another twenty minutes later, it came round again. I tried to have a phone conversation, but the phone died.

Damp and with sore feet, I finally made it back to my car. I hadn’t yet eaten for the day. In fact, I hadn’t eaten since the night before around nine. It was going on two in the afternoon. And my body doesn’t function so well without food. But, I decided to push on with my list of errands.

Went to Best Buy with the intention of buying an iPod case and either a season of Frasier, a season of Friends, or a season of Medium. I did get the case, but was completely out of luck for the latter three.

Went to Academy with the intention of buying a new pair of slip-on tennis shoes. They had them in 5.5s, 6.5s, 7.5s and 8.5s. But did they have them in 9.5s? No! Of course not! And you just laughed and laughed and laughed.

I did finally eat. But I did not make it to either the bank or the grocery store. It was just too late by then. And I was sleepy. And my phone was dead.

I realize that most of what happened yesterday was my fault. The result of poor planning, bad judgment and number transliteration errors. But don’t think I don’t know that you had a part in it too, Murphy. After all. You’re the one who made it rain. And yes, you had your giggles — but I’ve slept now, and today will be better.



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