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In the last month

1. My dog, Elvis, officially went blind. We are thinking of maybe getting him a cone to put around his head so he doesn’t suffer when he bumps into things.

2. I revised, and then re-revised, my thesis outline. I should have been actually forming full sentences with my thoughts, but I’m not there yet. My thesis is about the Abu Ghraib photos and national identity and how we should ethically respond to these and other amateur photographs of human suffering. I think that’s what it’s about, anyway. It changes sometimes.

3. I watched Noam Chomsky videos and also started a blog with two friends of mine from Lebanon.

4. I went on a cruise, which was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be, and then I went to Canada, where I learned to communicate with babies. I am pretty averse to children in general, so this was a huge accomplishment for me, rivaled perhaps only by that time in the fifth grade when I received the most stars for French grammar.

5. I started looking into post-grad plans. I would truly love to work for a think tank or a foreign affairs publication, but I also have to get paid so that I can, you know, eat and stuff. I’m also looking into Arabic programs for the summer, but everything in the Middle East is looking kind of rocky right now. Syria and Lebanon are chummy again; Lebanon keeps hearing these threats from Israel; Syria and Iran are apparently planning a new world order; Turkey and Saudi Arabia have become best friends; and Jordanian intelligence is being questioned after the whole incident in Afghanistan. There’s your Middle East bulletin for the month. Oh, and Palestine and Israel are thinking of peace talks. Operative word: thinking.

6. I was fingerprinted for U.S. citizenship (I’m Canadian), and I received the American citizenship questionnaire. It’s 100 questions, and they select ten questions at random to ask you, six of which you have to answer correctly. Luckily, those years of U.S. History came in handy. My parents, however, were shocked when they realized that Nancy Pelosi is third-in-line for the presidency. And my mother thought that the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence.

7. I drank about three cups of chai a day. Chai, in my family, is actually just a Tetley tea bag with some cardamom crushed up at the bottom. But it is kind of Indian. As are we.

8. I went about thirteen days before I realized I had to go back through my journal and change all of the dates to “2010″ because I was still writing “2009.”

9. I saw the movie “Avatar,” which made me think about corporate greed and environmentalism and colonialism. Nary a happy thought, when there’s too much time to think.

10. I caved and bought this Moleskine 12-month, color-a-month planner set. Since I normally use the XL Moleskine soft-cover weekly planner, I will merely insert each month’s baby planner inside the big one, and the big one will be for deadlines and events and the small one for to-do’s. I am inordinately pleased with myself.


This is the boat. There are lots of people.

Ali and Elvis

My blind dog, Elvis, and my brother, Ali.

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January 14, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

2 Comments to In the last month

Nothing like a few possibly life-changing decisions to make Christmas break fun!

January 27, 2010
— Nikki

SARA! Hello fellow blogger, it’s been way too long! Amazing thesis topic – if you need another resource, Dr. Howard Prince in the LBJ school is the resident guru on Military Leadership. I was in his class last semester, and am working a conference with him this semester – he is a WEALTH of knowledge! Hope to see you soon!

January 30, 2010
— Evelyn
photo of Sara