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Round Two

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Know how I can tell it’s time for the new semester? Money is flying out of my bank account much more quickly than it is trickling in. And do you want to know why that is? Textbooks.

Last semester, I spent more than $400 on textbooks alone. This time around, I decided I wasn’t going to be taken for quite so much. I’ve been on the hunt for my textbooks since just after Christmas, and I must say, I think I’m doing quite well. Between Google, and eBay, I’ve managed to find all three of my textbooks for the whopping grand total of $170. This isn’t at all bad, considering the price of my Biology textbook, new, is $174. I decided to try renting one of my books (aforementioned Bio book) this time, too. I’m sure the class will be interesting enough, but I just can’t see wanting to peruse my old biology textbook several years down the road. Which reminds me, the lovely people at the Co-op, out of the kindness of their hearts, offered me approximately $20 on buybacks of last semester’s books. Naturally, I declined this generous offer. I’m taking a stab at selling them on eBay. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I got an iPod touch for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!) and last week I downloaded the new UT application. It is easy to use and it’s functional, which is more than I can say for a lot of the apps I’ve downloaded. I love having such easy access to the directory and the events calendar, but the feature that really rocks my world is the map. I’ve been carrying around one of the paper ones since the beginning of last semester, because my sense of direction leaves much to be desired. Now, I have easy access to it and it’s much less likely to become a crinkled up mess in the bottom of my bag. Another handy little feature of the app — it has the lyrics of all the important songs. I know. It is shameful that I don’t yet know all of the words to Texas Fight! — but maybe, now that I have them written down, I’ll learn.

I apparently made University Honors last semester. I did not, however, achieve the 4.0 I was hoping for. I’m a little disappointed, but I think I’m a little relieved too. Four As and one B+ isn’t a bad haul for someone who hadn’t been in a real classroom since 2003. Coming off of homeschooling in high school and working, the whole classroom thing was weird for me. The B+ in History marks the first time I have EVER finished a subject without an A. Still, going into college believing I could maintain the perfect 4.0 might have been reaching a little. I worked myself silly last semester and worried myself to death over every single paper. Part of that is the OCD, of course. Writing papers seems to take me forever, since I have to have each line just right before I feel comfortable moving onto the next. But part of it is also just a standard fear of failure. My best friend, K, says that if I’m going to freak out over every B+ I get, I might as well quit now. That isn’t really an option, so I suppose it’s ’suck-it-up-and-keep-going’ time. And maybe knowing the perfect 4.0 is shot will take some of the pressure off.

T-minus six days until classes start and I can’t wait to see what this semester holds in store for me. I’ll give you the run down of classes and schedules next week. For now, it’s off to check my eBay account and hoping those darn textbooks sell!

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