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I Wish I Had A Super Intelligent/Cooperative Identical Twin Who Would Do All My School Work While I Sleep In Under Mounds of Blankets

So this last week appears to have been my last enjoyable one. I had a test in my Personal Finance class today and I have two more coming up on Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t really plan on doing much for the next few days… it’s weeks like these where I can’t wait til the weekend and it’s barely Monday! I will survive though.. yes I will, haha.

Anyways, let me rewind back to my weekend, basically Friday and Saturday. I actually went out this weekend for the first time in a long time. I was refraining from doing so because I’ve been on a pretty strict diet since New Year’s Day. After talking with one of my buddies, I came to the conclusion that I may have been overdoing it so now I’m excusing myself from my diet from Friday night up until Sunday morning. I think this arrangement is going to work out great. Also, I switched my workout routine to Sunday through Thursday because I don’t like working out on days where I may go out.

On Friday, we had Pledgeline, a mainstay of our chapter’s pledgeship. It was a good night with many in attendance and everyone had a good time. Pledgeline is basically a two part semi-formal event we host. Each individual class goes to a nice restaurant with their dates, then we all meet back up at the house to recognize all the new pledges that have been inducted that semester. Saturday, I went out with my buddy Vincent to a friend’s b-day celebration, but her place was entirely too far so that made it kinda unfun. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s generally not a good idea to spend your weekends in places not in west campus, a.k.a walking distance. I felt like I was on an island over there, but ended up catching a cab home.

Today, the president of our chapter was absent so I got the honor of conducting meeting today. It was my first time, but I think it went pretty well. We kept everything under control and got a good number of items taken care of today. I wanna send a shout out to the Cactus Yearbook for being so awesome in sending a photographer to our house to take pictures. It shows how well run our yearbook program is.

…on a much sadder note, can anybody out there explain to me what is going on with our basketball team? Idk, but I really hope we get it in gear in time for the tournament.

That’s all for now, I must return to insurmountable studying, but as always feel free to e-mail me or leave any comments. Ttyl

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