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Fall Grad

So last week I learned that I could graduate in December, a whole semester early! Now when I learned of this news, several things popped up in my head. Am I really ready to enter the REAL WORLD?

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April 28, 2010 | | By Victoria | Comments Off

Cactus Cafe Human Chain

Blogging is about all I can do today — I’m at home sick with ‘flu-like symptoms’. After watching last night’s Glee episode 3 times (yes the Madonna one!), I figured I should catch up on some blogging!

Today is the Cactus Cafe Public Forum with my former professor Dr. Juan Gonzalez: I wish I could be there, as I LOVE the Cactus, and would hate to see any major changes to it.

So, on this beautiful day, go out and support the Cactus!!

Wedding countdown: 24 days!

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April 21, 2010 | | By Evelyn | Comments Off

Ok so while a pulse may be a sign of life it doesn’t indicate activity

So as I’m sitting here in the PCL Library typing up this post. I’ve got Pandora open in one tab, Facebook in another and Twitter in a third. I’m supposed to be working on a physics lab report due in 15 hours and I’m supposed to be productive, and man I guess this post has to go somewhere right?

So today I went to classes and nothing spectacular happened. I have a test on Friday in my mathematics class, and frankly I don’t feel like I’ve prepared myself very well for this… the test is like an opponent; it steps into the ring with a domineering swagger designed to throw my game off the rails. We circle each other like large woodland animals, and eye at each other gamely knowing that the victor of this terrible encounter won’t walk away with everything he came with.

My worthy foe. From Google

My worthy foe. From Google.

Oh yeah, productivity? I guess it’s happening… the one thing I did today that brought me the greatest amount satisfaction and comfort was my laundry. A tip for all those who would live in University housing like I plan too — you don’t need quarters. They (at least in my dorm, Moore-hill) have these things where you slide your id card and use bevobucks to pay. You get like more than $100 already added to your account just for living on campus, so it makes things a bit easier.

We have speed queen machines in our lobby. they work most of the time

We have Speed Queen machines in our lobby. They work most of the time.

So I got a comment tonight about the Russian program here. I guess I’ll write about that next time.

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April 21, 2010 | | By Ao | Comments Off

There is nothing interesting in this post to substantiate it’s being here but here it remains regardless

So today I took the second to last test that I will take for my first year of Russian. I thought I did well on it and I also thought it was amusing because Obama was included in its contents and I had a good chuckle seeing it spelled обама. Here is a video clip of Obama in Russia. Also today I learned that I had messed up on one of my scholarship applications — apparently I had put down that I was married?!? This is reason enough to double-check forms before you send them in, but one very important part I think is to make sure you deselect those little bubble things for multiple choice answers on forms because if you scroll down with your mouse wheel it will change your answer!

Speaking of computers making our lives easier like a steamroller in our living rooms, today in my physics class we found out that three of the questions on the homework we turned in last night on Quest (a thing where instead of handing in homework you submit it electronically over the internet and get every third question wrong because of some insane/insipid formatting error) were to be thrown out for being wastes of everybody’s time. Comments were made about the quality of the Quest experience that cast it in a negative light, throwing a shadow vaguely suggesting the form of a raging Thai bull elephant. Will the use of this system continue? Undoubtedly.

me at 10 a clock at night on quest

Me at 10 o'clock at night on quest image from flickr.

Anyways tonight I’m going to see a movie at the Alamo Cinema on 6th street and maybe that will entertain me. Only time will tell.

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April 20, 2010 | | By Ao | Comments Off

So here goes something that will be bad but will be

So apparently I suck horrible wind w/r/t this whole blogging thing so what I’m going to attempt to undertake as a pure vector of squandered productivity might be painful to watch to read or even to acknowledge the existence of. I’m going to attempt to write at least 200 words a day to earn back my upkeep around here, and hopefully some of what I’m going to be flooding you guys with will be interesting or at least enlightening into the mind of a student not quite on top of everything. Is this my fault? Undoubtedly, but whatever, there will at least be this account left behind for future generations. Less like a time capsule and more like the aged and yellowed photographs of some gristly crime scene found in a moldy cardboard box beneath the Hudson Bay.

the hudson bay.

So what’s up with me then? Last week I met Spike Jonze of all people. He directed Where the Wild Things Are which came out last November, and he was in town for a short film he was shooting. Apparently he’d interviewed hundreds of kids in the area to cobble some sort of talking heads thing for a documentary about skater culture. I have a picture with him, but it’s on my phone and it’s a huge hassle to dig out so maybe someday sometime.

Spike Jonze recently directed this music video for a band that I like.

Also relevant: I like this comic in the Daily Texan, the student run newspaper.

Daily Texan comic strip.

This comic is by m. g. bowman and is good sometimes. He makes music too.

Sorry for breaking your tables.

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April 19, 2010 | | By Ao | 2 Comments

Brand Yourself!

with a logo!!!

logo_2 copy

logo_3 copy

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April 18, 2010 | | By Manuel | Comments Off

Making the Marks

Don’t worry: I won’t complain in this post, promise.

My week went well, and I am definitely feeling much better, which is nice. I ended up bombing that calc test (awesome. Awesome awesome.) so I have to go talk to my teacher on Monday and see what I can do to salvage my grade. What’s really nice about college, unlike high school, is that there IS a curve and teachers understand that sometimes, their tests are just really hard, and average understanding really isn’t that great.

In my MIS class, for example, an A on our most recent test was between a 100 and 85. A B was between an 84 and 65. Like wow. You could earn a standard D and STILL end up being “above average” in my class. My friends say econ is the same way. I don’t know what the curve in calc will be, but typically it’s a full letter grade. I’m going to need that this semester.

What’s rough, and really, really important to remember — and I admittedly struggle with this — is that I AM in school to be student first, and involved on campus, second. If I could, I would major in extracurriculars. First period student gov, second period Business Council, third and fourth period Healthy Sexuality Peer Educators. And maybe a gym class, for good measure, too.

As the year is winding down, discussions about GPA are revving up. I’m applying to the Business Honors Program, which I want to get into so, so badly. Smaller classes, everyone is crazy driven, the professors are more experienced, the experience is more intense, the community is smaller. I thrive when everyone around me is absolutely manic about being perfect (and since everyone is calc is just striving for like a 68, I, consequently, end up striving for everything short of the best). Personally, I hate talking about grades with those around me, but it’s getting harder and harder since scores are so integral to this process, and ultimately, how the next three years of my life will play out.

Stressful, yes. Necessary, yes. Upsetting, a little.

In other news, I organized the first ever Business Council picnic last week, and it was a huge success. The weather was great, we had tons of food, and everything really just fell into place. See below for a pic. of my council family!

I need to study. It’s a Friday. Ugh.

This is my BC Family at the First Annual Business Council Picnic. Everything really fell into place, and the great weather made for a fun little study break for everyone!

This is my BC Family at the First Annual Business Council Picnic. Everything really fell into place, and the great weather made for a fun little study break for everyone!

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April 16, 2010 | | By Melissa | 3 Comments

Blog World!!

Wow it’s been a while since I blogged… School has been keeping me crazy busy!! Well not school but school related activities and what not. But guess what? I got the job!!!! This entire semester I’ve been trying to better myself while working on a project involving UT while going through the process of applying for an internship for next semester. It’s been really hectic trying to get everything turned in and looking perfect. I did it and I got accepted!! I will be working for Bercy Cen Studio here in Austin and I’m excited.

Well, that was a short post but since things are finally settling down I will be back to fill you in on the remaining details!

Until next post!

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April 15, 2010 | | By Manuel | Comments Off


This past weekend I went to A&M’s annual “Chilifest”. We have a chapter over there so it was nice having a bunch of welcoming hosts to show us around and help fill in the time.

The event takes place in Snook, TX which is about 20 minutes away from College Station. It was a bit of an obscure venue considering we had to drive through someone’s front yard to get to what was essentially a huge field laden with tents. The whole thing was really more of a country theme which isn’t really my style, but I tried to get into… key word tried, lol. Probably not the best place to Try to be country since everyone there was pretty much hardcore country to the bone. A lot of them reminded me of that old school guy from comedy central who has the big time Texas accent.

The only performer I remember that was there was the Eli Young band. There were a number of other big country artists, but I don’t recall any of their names. The cool part about Chilifest is that it’s all outdoors, there’s a ton of people, the atmosphere is great, and everyone’s there to have a good time. I slept in a tent the first night, not quite real camping, but it was still fun. After a couple of days, the other brothers and I headed back home.

On another note, I have had some pretty exciting happenings as of lately. In order of importance, I got a job with the federal government/2010 Census! I got accepted to Leadershape! And I was selected to be an Honor’s Colloquium student mentor! I am thankful for all of these.

My job with the Census seems fun and it pays unusually well, $17 per hour. I like jobs where I can talk to people and don’t have to sit behind a desk all day, so I feel this job will suit me well. I start next week.

Leadershape is a nationally recognized weeklong leadership retreat. I have heard nothing but good things about this program and am very pleased that I was among the 60 who get to go. Applications were made available to the entire university so I’m not sure how many applied, but I’m sure the number was substantial. The retreat takes place the week after the last final and I have consistently heard it described as a life changing experience. I would like to thank the Cockrell School of Engineering for providing me this opportunity.

The last one is another program I feel good about. As a mentor, you hang around with prospective honors students for a couple of days in the summer and show them the ins and outs of UT. I believe I can do a great job influencing these students to come to Texas. The main reason I applied though is because I love the school and I want to show all these prospective students why I love UT so much… I have class in 30 minutes so I gotta get goin, but I will ttysoon!

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April 15, 2010 | | By Saul | 4 Comments

Where Did the Time Go

It seems that I haven’t been here forever, blogging that is. Well in the time we have spent apart, I have done a lot of nothing. By that I mean the end of the year has come and I am busy but not really busy. In college, work comes in loads, and you have to be ready to handle the loads as they come. For example, I haven’t really had a test in weeks but I have three papers due in the next two weeks. So it would have made sense for me to be working on my assignments in my extra time but that is just too much like right. Instead I have been taking naps during the day time, catching up on my fav TV shows, and eating a lot of unhealthy food. But as with most things in life, procrastination comes in late and bites you in the butt when you least expect it.

I would have said I have learned my lesson but honestly that isn’t true. I think if I have learned anything in college it is that you must know yourself before you can do anything. And for me, I know I can write about 7 pages in one day, so I plan to write whole pages in one day and do nothing else. Like today, I went to class, went to a meeting, and went to the library to write an 8 page paper that is due next Wednesday. I got to 7 pages and had to stop for another meeting, and now I find myself blogging. It could be allowing myself more free time away from my paper, but I think the mind can only handle so much.

So what is the lesson here? Understand what you can do and you should be fine. I think people always try to be what others want for them. I’m not suggesting doing anything crazy, but it makes to do what really makes you happy. The key to do all your work before or after.

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April 13, 2010 | | By Victoria | 1 Comment

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