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There is nothing interesting in this post to substantiate it’s being here but here it remains regardless

So today I took the second to last test that I will take for my first year of Russian. I thought I did well on it and I also thought it was amusing because Obama was included in its contents and I had a good chuckle seeing it spelled обама. Here is a video clip of Obama in Russia. Also today I learned that I had messed up on one of my scholarship applications — apparently I had put down that I was married?!? This is reason enough to double-check forms before you send them in, but one very important part I think is to make sure you deselect those little bubble things for multiple choice answers on forms because if you scroll down with your mouse wheel it will change your answer!

Speaking of computers making our lives easier like a steamroller in our living rooms, today in my physics class we found out that three of the questions on the homework we turned in last night on Quest (a thing where instead of handing in homework you submit it electronically over the internet and get every third question wrong because of some insane/insipid formatting error) were to be thrown out for being wastes of everybody’s time. Comments were made about the quality of the Quest experience that cast it in a negative light, throwing a shadow vaguely suggesting the form of a raging Thai bull elephant. Will the use of this system continue? Undoubtedly.

me at 10 a clock at night on quest

Me at 10 o'clock at night on quest image from flickr.

Anyways tonight I’m going to see a movie at the Alamo Cinema on 6th street and maybe that will entertain me. Only time will tell.

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