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This past weekend I went to A&M’s annual “Chilifest”. We have a chapter over there so it was nice having a bunch of welcoming hosts to show us around and help fill in the time.

The event takes place in Snook, TX which is about 20 minutes away from College Station. It was a bit of an obscure venue considering we had to drive through someone’s front yard to get to what was essentially a huge field laden with tents. The whole thing was really more of a country theme which isn’t really my style, but I tried to get into… key word tried, lol. Probably not the best place to Try to be country since everyone there was pretty much hardcore country to the bone. A lot of them reminded me of that old school guy from comedy central who has the big time Texas accent.

The only performer I remember that was there was the Eli Young band. There were a number of other big country artists, but I don’t recall any of their names. The cool part about Chilifest is that it’s all outdoors, there’s a ton of people, the atmosphere is great, and everyone’s there to have a good time. I slept in a tent the first night, not quite real camping, but it was still fun. After a couple of days, the other brothers and I headed back home.

On another note, I have had some pretty exciting happenings as of lately. In order of importance, I got a job with the federal government/2010 Census! I got accepted to Leadershape! And I was selected to be an Honor’s Colloquium student mentor! I am thankful for all of these.

My job with the Census seems fun and it pays unusually well, $17 per hour. I like jobs where I can talk to people and don’t have to sit behind a desk all day, so I feel this job will suit me well. I start next week.

Leadershape is a nationally recognized weeklong leadership retreat. I have heard nothing but good things about this program and am very pleased that I was among the 60 who get to go. Applications were made available to the entire university so I’m not sure how many applied, but I’m sure the number was substantial. The retreat takes place the week after the last final and I have consistently heard it described as a life changing experience. I would like to thank the Cockrell School of Engineering for providing me this opportunity.

The last one is another program I feel good about. As a mentor, you hang around with prospective honors students for a couple of days in the summer and show them the ins and outs of UT. I believe I can do a great job influencing these students to come to Texas. The main reason I applied though is because I love the school and I want to show all these prospective students why I love UT so much… I have class in 30 minutes so I gotta get goin, but I will ttysoon!

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April 15, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

4 Comments to Chilifest!

Hello Saul, I just read your post and it sounds exciting. However, I just got accepted to UT Austin and I’m trying to find more information coming from students about what things they like about the university and what things they don’t like. So I was wondering if maybe you could give me some tips, or information about it since I’m still thinking lol.

April 30, 2010
— Krystel

Hey Saul,

So this is a bit unrelated to this post, but I’m a junior in High School in Chicago and am getting down to the nitty-gritty of the college search. I see you are not from Texas originally and was wondering if you could tell me how it is being away from family. Also I’m hoping to pursue a degree in business and was wondering how McCombs is and any tips on what to expect about the University and City in general. Hope you can get back to me.


May 2, 2010
— Jake Beach

Hey Krystel, UT is amazing! This school has basically everything I could have wanted in a university; unparalleled athletics programs, surprisingly strong academic programs across all different colleges, Greeklife is amongst the best in the world, extracurricular, the surrounding city, the size of the student body population, Austin culture…UT has everything. The only drawback of Texas, as with any large university, is the decreased individual attention. However, that isn’t something that I mind. If you really want one on one time with the faculty, it is something that you have to go out and get. By that I mean staying after class for a few minutes to speak with your professor or showing up to office hours. Hope this helps!

P.s. Sorry for the late reply, the system actually does not notify me when people comment on my posts so I didn’t know.

June 10, 2010
— Saul

Hey Jake, hope everything has been goin good for ya. Moving out was easy for me, it was something I was looking forward to. I’ve always been a fairly independent person so that definitely helped. As far as McCombs, I believe their reputation precedes them, as I’m sure you already know. Being one of the best business schools in the nation, you can’t go wrong with McCombs. Many students aim to transfer into business from other schools here at UT and it becomes extremely competitive. I say that to illustrate just how good the business school is. Being that your from a big city like myself, I can imagine that you would love Austin just as much as everyone else here. The city is really unique, it has a big city appearance with a small town appeal. People here really value tradition, being different, Austin culture, and place a good emphasis on physical fitness. In an effort to not make this reply too long, I will leave you with a small description of the university. Here at Texas, excellence prevails the campus, whether it be academics, athletics, Greeklife, student life, or anything else. Settling, mediocrity, complacency, and anything of the sort won’t get you very far here, if anywhere. Hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions.
Ps. Sorry for the late reply, the system actually does not notify me when people comment on my posts.

June 11, 2010
— Saul
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