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“I’m so HUNGRY!” or “How to Eat at College with Dietary Restrictions”

Happy 80 degrees, Texas Relays, Monday of the busiest week ever, and Passover!!

So along with the fact that this week and next are just crazy busy with work and projects and all of that, there is a fun new dimension to this week: it’s Passover. Normally, I keep Kosher anyways, which means no mixing milk and meat, no non-kosher meat (basically all meat is non-Kosher), no shellfish, and a few other things.

This limited diet thing got me thinking — maybe Longhorn Confidential readers are looking to come to UT, and are wondering about their dietary restrictions. If so…. my thoughts on the matter are below!

Basically, it is super easy to be any form of vegetarian at UT, whether it’s pescetarian, ovo-vegetarian, or even vegan. Especially if you’re a freshman, LIVE ON CAMPUS and reap the benefits of the very-veggie friendly dining halls. Every on-campus dining hall has all of the foods color-coded with tags representing what everything is made of, so you never get confused. Also, Jester and Kinsolving are packed with delish veggie options — you really don’t have to worry about being stuck eating salad every day of your life. It’s really nice that the dorms provide this, so don’t think you have to live off campus in order to eat well.

Also, Austin is known for being a funky, hippy place — and the food benefits of that are fantastic! There are tons of vegetarian places and even a few Halal restaurants, too. Every restaurant that has any chance at survival will provide a variety of meat-free options. I personally love Veggie Heaven (vegan Chinese/Thai), and although Madam Mam’s (Thai) is not actually vegetarian, basically every single dish can be prepared vegan. For all of you who follow Halal — Kismet is the way to go. And if you’re Kosher, like I am, Katz never closes, and all of the meat they serve is certified, although the kitchen isn’t kosher — so that one can be tricky.

In summation, food is delicious, and no matter what you do/do not eat, you’re never going to be pining for more. Speaking of which, I just munched some matza and mmmm… I can’t wait for Passover to be over. Ha!

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April 5, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

1 Comment to “I’m so HUNGRY!” or “How to Eat at College with Dietary Restrictions”

My daughter will be a freshman in the Fall and didn’t apply for housing ’til March – my oversight. She has received a contract though, and is now afraid she’ll be assigned to Jester. Her backup plan is Castilian, but their cafeteria closes @ 7 p.m. – no late-night snacks or anything!!! So, I want her to take a chance & keep her contract @ UT. Ideas? I want her to have healthy food options, and I know on-campus is the way to go. Where do you recommend her trying to live??? Do you know anything about Kinsolving?
Thanks – from a concerned mom …

April 8, 2010
— Kim
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