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Making the Marks

Don’t worry: I won’t complain in this post, promise.

My week went well, and I am definitely feeling much better, which is nice. I ended up bombing that calc test (awesome. Awesome awesome.) so I have to go talk to my teacher on Monday and see what I can do to salvage my grade. What’s really nice about college, unlike high school, is that there IS a curve and teachers understand that sometimes, their tests are just really hard, and average understanding really isn’t that great.

In my MIS class, for example, an A on our most recent test was between a 100 and 85. A B was between an 84 and 65. Like wow. You could earn a standard D and STILL end up being “above average” in my class. My friends say econ is the same way. I don’t know what the curve in calc will be, but typically it’s a full letter grade. I’m going to need that this semester.

What’s rough, and really, really important to remember — and I admittedly struggle with this — is that I AM in school to be student first, and involved on campus, second. If I could, I would major in extracurriculars. First period student gov, second period Business Council, third and fourth period Healthy Sexuality Peer Educators. And maybe a gym class, for good measure, too.

As the year is winding down, discussions about GPA are revving up. I’m applying to the Business Honors Program, which I want to get into so, so badly. Smaller classes, everyone is crazy driven, the professors are more experienced, the experience is more intense, the community is smaller. I thrive when everyone around me is absolutely manic about being perfect (and since everyone is calc is just striving for like a 68, I, consequently, end up striving for everything short of the best). Personally, I hate talking about grades with those around me, but it’s getting harder and harder since scores are so integral to this process, and ultimately, how the next three years of my life will play out.

Stressful, yes. Necessary, yes. Upsetting, a little.

In other news, I organized the first ever Business Council picnic last week, and it was a huge success. The weather was great, we had tons of food, and everything really just fell into place. See below for a pic. of my council family!

I need to study. It’s a Friday. Ugh.

This is my BC Family at the First Annual Business Council Picnic. Everything really fell into place, and the great weather made for a fun little study break for everyone!

This is my BC Family at the First Annual Business Council Picnic. Everything really fell into place, and the great weather made for a fun little study break for everyone!

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3 Comments to Making the Marks


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Connell and I am a sailor in the US Navy. I am applying for on of our officer programs which would send me back to school for three years. I am planning on applying to UT and I have many questions that I would rather not ask all on a comment. Could you please email me so we can talk. My ship is currently on deployment in the Middle East and I fell in love with Dubai and Bahrain which is why I am interested in talking to you! According to your blogs you love the program which makes me that much more excited to speak with you! Thank you!

-Elizabeth Connell

January 1, 2011
— Elizabeth Connell

Hi! My name is Sandra and I am interested in majoring in international business. Do you have any advice for me? I was acepted to UT with a Latin American major but I thinking on doing an international business instead.

January 13, 2011
— Sandra

Hey Melissa!

I just wanted to thank you for blogging, I’m a junior in high school and have recently decided to aim for UT. My family has been living abroad since I was born, so I don’t know much about college in America, your blog has been really helpful and fun to read. Best of all, you are learning Arabic and studying the Middle East. I used to live in Israel so I hope to pursue something similar if I get into UT. I also really admire your extra curricular involvement. Student Council is practically my life right now so hopefully I’ll be following in your footsteps someday. Anyways, thanks again for blogging, I love getting all this info on my dream school. :)

May 23, 2011
— Joy
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