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Where Did the Time Go

It seems that I haven’t been here forever, blogging that is. Well in the time we have spent apart, I have done a lot of nothing. By that I mean the end of the year has come and I am busy but not really busy. In college, work comes in loads, and you have to be ready to handle the loads as they come. For example, I haven’t really had a test in weeks but I have three papers due in the next two weeks. So it would have made sense for me to be working on my assignments in my extra time but that is just too much like right. Instead I have been taking naps during the day time, catching up on my fav TV shows, and eating a lot of unhealthy food. But as with most things in life, procrastination comes in late and bites you in the butt when you least expect it.

I would have said I have learned my lesson but honestly that isn’t true. I think if I have learned anything in college it is that you must know yourself before you can do anything. And for me, I know I can write about 7 pages in one day, so I plan to write whole pages in one day and do nothing else. Like today, I went to class, went to a meeting, and went to the library to write an 8 page paper that is due next Wednesday. I got to 7 pages and had to stop for another meeting, and now I find myself blogging. It could be allowing myself more free time away from my paper, but I think the mind can only handle so much.

So what is the lesson here? Understand what you can do and you should be fine. I think people always try to be what others want for them. I’m not suggesting doing anything crazy, but it makes to do what really makes you happy. The key to do all your work before or after.

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April 13, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

1 Comment to Where Did the Time Go

So true is your blog. Procrastination isn’t a bad thing, if you know yourself. For example, I don’t do homework until a few minutes before class because I know that the imminence of the situation usually acts as an impetus.

April 18, 2010
— Joshua Carr
photo of Victoria