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Signing Off

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I have to say, these last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. In the last two weeks alone, I have had six papers, one major project, and two grade-defining exams.

First, there are a few people I need to thank and apologize to.

To Kelly: You got me through two bio exams, a CSD exam, and a 10 page research paper. I owe you SO big and appreciate you so much.

To Eric: You gave me a part in your play. And then covered my butt on a major assignment when I was stressed out about all the work I had to do. You made me laugh and put up with my insanity.

To my professors, my SSD coordinators, and my academic advisor: I know I’m a pain to deal with sometimes, but I appreciate all the work you do for me.

To MDR: I must apologize for not blogging as frequently or as diligently as I probably should have. It’s funny how life gets in the way of the things you’d really rather be doing sometimes.

Now that the semester is over, I can finally breathe easy — at least, for the next two weeks, until my summer classes start and everything starts up again.

This first year in college has been amazing. I have learned so much, not just about Slavic Vampires and Communication Sciences and Social Work — but about what it is really like to be a college student. I have learned a lot about myself. For example: Just because I’m a college student, doesn’t mean my life starts and ends at college. I think this has been hard for many of my friends here to understand, and it took me a little time to understand it too. I love UT with every fiber of my being. Don’t get me wrong. But there were times that I concentrated so much effort into becoming the perfect student that I lost sight of all the other great things in my life — like my non-college friends, my dog, my family, my love of reading books that weren’t assigned by professors… need I go on? Once I started paying more attention to these things, I found that I became the student I wanted to be.

It’s all about the balance.

Taking on too much is something I really need to work at not doing anymore. Sometimes, I think I’m superwoman. I forget that I am fallible and imperfect. I forget that I struggle with daily life just like everyone else. I jump in, telling people that yes, of COURSE I can do whatever it is they want done — and then I figure out how to make it happen. It’s a great quality, but it’s easy to over do. And then, nothing gets done quite as well as you’d hope it would.

And still, as I say this, I’m planning for 12 hours of summer classes, 18 hours of fall classes, and working on a plot to take over the world.

Some things just never change.

Either way, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me. If I learned nothing else, I’m walking away from this year realizing that life will put me where I need to be, even if I don’t realize it. I have plans, and I sincerely hope that I can stick to them — unless, of course, I find something that suits me better. All I can do is wait, watch, and see. I can surrender to the wind, and learn to ride it.

And now?

I can look forward to having two of the best professors at UT back to back next semester, while sitting on the couch, reading a book that wasn’t assigned to me, and knowing that I won’t have to take an exam on it when I’m done.

Ahhh… Summer… you are here at last.

With great thanks for reading,

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1 Comment to Signing Off

Hey, I’m from Newton, NC, too. 28658 :-)

October 8, 2010
— michael
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