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My College Dream, A Reality

It’s hard to describe in words, things that make you feel alive, things that push you to the edge, things that help you find out a little bit more about who you really are. This year has been all about those moments. It was my second year on campus and I definitely broke into my stride.

I have a lot to share so I’ll get right to it:

Since my last post, we had our official initiation ceremony. It was great seeing so many quality guys become a part of Sigma Pi, I really believe in them and the commitment they have to our fraternity. On a similar note we also had our big end of the year formal, Orchid Ball. I am very lucky to have had the best date ever, Jacqueline ;) She’s a charming piano performance student from Houston who has a great sense of humor. It was a fun night with the exception of one individual, but from my experience there is seemingly always at least one person who tries to put a damper on the night, so I just did my best to make the most of the situation and I think I did a great job. Orchid Ball was a really nice touch to the end of my unbelievable year.

As if the end of my year wasn’t panning out to be epic enough, I turned 21 on May 6th!! I headed downtown to get all my free drinks and had a birthday dinner at Plucker’s later that day. It’s days like my birthday that I am uber grateful to have friends. To me, that is the best part of birthdays, getting to see all your friends :)

Here in Austin we have a new tradition, it’s called the AXE Undie Run. It’s a philanthropy event where you show up to a charity run, take off all the clothes you are wearing, donate them to charity, and run around the surrounding west campus/drag area in your underwear! I had such an awesome time at the run and I encourage people to support/participate in the 2011 AXE Undie Run.

Thanks to some simple networking, I was able to help have our fraternity host the official 2010 AXE Undie Run After Party. Definitely the single best undie party anyone there has ever been too. The event was successful enough to be sponsored by the likes of AMP Energy drinks and local Austin liqueur company Hideous Liqueur. The AMP team showed up in their tricked out SUV with their models and were passing out free products left and right to everyone walking through the door. There setup was awesome, the back of their car, which was parked by the entrance of our house, had flip out LCD screens and a ridiculous system, not to mention the huge built in coolers. It’s events like these that make UT the #1 party school in the nation.

Now time for some not so good news. After 6 semesters in college, I got my first C. It was pretty tragic, but I saw it coming so that made it a bit less painful I suppose. The worst part is, it’s not like I didn’t try in that class, Masterworks of British Literature. I put forth just as much effort in that class as I do in classes where I get A’s. I’m not an opponent of core curriculum, but it’s classes like that that make me wonder.

May 17th, 2010. A day I will not soon forget. The day I finished my last final and nearly collapsed of relief. I remember walking out of that exam not caring if I made an A or an F (I of course tried my best :D ), I was done with the ‘09-’10 school year!! Such an amazing feeling. Instead of going somewhere immediately afterwards and “celebrating” I decided to go to the gym and renew my long forgotten fitness valor. For me, the worst part about finals is missing days at the gym and not always having the time to eat the way I would like to. I must’ve missed about a week of working out and eaten nearly a dozen subpar, nutritionally, meals.

Once finals were over and done with I was looking forward to Leadershape, a nationally recognized weeklong interactive leadership retreat designed to help enhance or craft your vision/ultimate career or life goal. I had heard nothing but good things about the program and I must say it did not disappoint. The entire program was an eye-opening experience to what I want to do with my life and just where I see myself in relation to the big picture. It also gave me an opportunity to connect pretty closely to a great group of my peers who share the same motivation and desire as myself. I left Leadershape feeling better than ever about myself. It’s nice knowing what you wanna do with your life ;) Leadershape is something I would strongly recommend to anyone who is truly looking to make an impact on society, in any area.

Another big post school time I had was going to the Bamboozle roadshow at Six Flags San Antonio on 5/31. All my favorite bands were playing including: Cartel, Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Boys Like Girls. My personal favorite is Cartel. Their music is really inspirational and doesn’t talk about the same old things like love and/or money which seemingly every other artist does. It was great getting a chance to hang out with some of the brothers from UTSA and one of my best friends, Allison. They really made the trip for me.

At this point I am back in Austin simply working full time for the Census. It is a great gig, but unfortunately it will be ending soon due to it’s temporary nature. Fortunately though, I still have a lot to look forward to this summer. Later this month, I will be leaving to Dallas to RA at SMU for the Hispanic Youth Symposium hosted by HSF, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. And next month I will continue my duty as an ambassador of the university at the Honor’s Colloquium here on campus. Also, orientation starts next month and I look forward to meeting the bright future of Sigma Pi. It’s a fulfilling experience seeing new rushees become pledges and ultimately, Sigma Pi’s. The whole rush season really brings a new air to the university and especially the Greek community and it is something that I am excited about. As a whole, things are only going up for us.

Before I go, I just want to take a moment to thank the Office of Public Affairs and their wonderful staff for making Longhorn Confidential possible. I remember when I was a senior in high school, LC was my favorite thing about the utexas website and provided me with the great insight I was looking for. In closing, I just want to wish everyone reading this the best of luck in whatever you do, especially the soon-to-be Longhorns or high schoolers who haven’t quite figured out where to go after high school. Like I said before, if you really want to break through the stratosphere of possibility, test yourself, and consequently, find out a little bit more about who you really are, the University of Texas is the place for you.

I will be much more available over the summer and would be glad to answer any questions or comments you may have. It’s been nice talking to you all, have a great summer.

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