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Lesson no. ___: Don’t take things for granted

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010, a day that for many will represent a newspaper headline, the day a tragedy occurred at UT, a day of panic. For us, the UT community, this date will represent all of the aforementioned, but most important, a day we will never forget.

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October 4, 2010 | | By Berenice | 3 Comments

OU Weekend: A Celebration of All Things Texas

Texas lost.

I’m still moving on and don’t want to really talk about it. However, I will talk about the always epic experience that is OU Weekend.

I left with my friend, Vern, after I got off work on Friday. Since half of West Campus migrates to Dallas at the same time, OU traffic is legendary. Last year it was a 10 mph crawl up I-35. Since we left later this year, we luckily managed to avoid most of chaos and arrived in Dallas by ten. For future reference, if you are ever tasked with organizing a hotel, be sure to clarify that you want two beds in a non-smoking room. It worked out fine, but that’s a mistake I’ll never make again. I got a hard time all weekend.

We checked out early and arrived at the fair grounds by eleven in the morning. In case you don’t know, the Red River Rivalry takes place each year at the Cotton Bowl in the middle of the Texas State Fair. As soon as you arrive, it’s pretty clear that there are two warring parties. The Oklahoma Sooners, our archnemesis, wear crimson. The obvious good guys, us Longhorns, wear burnt orange. You can’t be in a line for five minutes without getting involved in a TEXAS! FIGHT! chant.

The State Fair has Texas sized attractions, like the giant ferris wheel. I’ve found that Texans have an affinity for frying things that should not be fried under any circumstances. Only at the state fair can you purchase fried snickers, PB&J, lettuce, coke, and butter. That’s right, I said butter. Since it’s there, you really might as well try a bite anyway. Speaking of all things Texas, I was developing an OU colored sunburn, so I  bought a cowboy hat. My Texan friends were proud, to say the least.

Win or lose, the game is one of the highlights of the fall. The stadium is split perfectly down the middle between Texas and Oklahoma fans. It only increases the intensity of the game, which is a de-facto Big 12 championship game most years.  It’s the full football experience: two of the biggest marching bands, mascots, a fight plane fly over, and a rivalry football game. Even if you are not the biggest football fan, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Since we both have important tests this week, we headed home right after the game, stopping only for unhealthy amounts of Chick-Fil-A.

Well, it’s Monday morning and I’ve got two tests and an interview this week, so I guess I’m back to the grind. Although, Austin City Limits music festival is this weekend. Gotta love Austin, there is always something to look forward to.

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October 4, 2010 | | By Chris | Comments Off

Interested in Becoming a Resident Assistant?

I’m a Resident Assistant on campus. I like my job because of all the people I have met and the opportunities it has given me to grow. I recommend the job for anyone who wants to cultivate their skill as a student leader.

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October 4, 2010 | | By Timi | 2 Comments

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