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We’re almost there

HellO Fall!

Welcome to Austin, won’t you stay a while?

I celebrate this blog entry with a warm glow streaming out of my fireplace, a cup of hot tea and two of our four-legged children curled up around me. I am so glad the cool weather decided to grace us with its presence, even if for a day or two. The turn of the seasons is a truly magical time and there are none more aware of the changes than we students who walk around in it all day. It’s also quite exciting because the change of the season usually indicates the pending end of a semester and I think we are all even more aware of exactly how many more days we have until the word break becomes a reality.

Personally, I’m very ready to take my Texan-behind to Vermont in January, but until the last moment of my last final I’ll be focused on the synthesis of all of the information I have learned in my first semester here. My fingers already flip obsessively through my planner on an hourly basis and I have begun constructing grand ideas of flash cards and study sessions.

Lately, I have noticed that the things I learn about in class have a way of sneaking out the door in front of me and popping up in my life outside of school. I love that feeling you get when you realize that your educational pursuits are expanding your knowledge base. It is as if the world is working with you to reinforce your experience.

Happy cerebrum stuffing to you all,


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My muggle moment

The belly of the semester beast. A wave of finals about to pull this author under. But even during times of endless exams and assignments there are small pleasures we can enjoy. In my case I live vicariously through Harry Potter.

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