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I think I can, I think I can.

Greetings all,

I had a conversation with a classmate yesterday that has been replaying in my mind ever since it made contact with my brain.

After anatomy lab my fellow nursing major classmate and I decided to go grab a meal together. As we ate sushi at Crave on Guadalupe (I recommend it, good stuff) we discussed the nursing program, our experiences in EMS and how they are and aren’t relating to our education at UT (she is an EMT-B) and the vast array of things two gals can manage to chat about over lunch.

During lunch my classmate mentioned that this semester was reportedly the most challenging semester in the program. My ears perked up and I swear I heard the sound of an excited crowd giving a round of applause. YES! It all makes sense now. I transferred into one of the best nursing schools in Texas in the most challenging semester possible? I felt at once a mix of hilarity, pity and joy.

I glanced at my planner after I left the restaurant and my classmate and counted the weeks left in my sprint to the finish.

Your ever barn-sour blogger,


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November 16, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

3 Comments to I think I can, I think I can.

Hi, I’m an international graduate applicant, I’ve applied at the Cockrell School of Engineering for the summer 2011 semester and my chances of getting in are quite high owing to my good academic credentials. I wanted to ask you about the general student life at Austin, stuff like is it easy and cheap to find a suitable accommodation, is it easy getting around in Austin, the quality and choices of restaurants etc.

December 4, 2010
— Abdul Wahab Khan

Hello Allison,
My name is Ashley and I am a senior in high school who only dreams of attending Austin next year. I have already applied, with my major being Nursing :) , and now I am anxiously waiting for that letter in the mail, even though it wont come till next year!! I live in Dallas, TX which is not too far but far enough for me. If I get in, I will be all alone in the big city which is the part I’m not looking forward to the most. I am super close with my family and I am most worried this will change when I leave for Austin. I know I don’t want to change my first choice in school but I’m scared of what this choice will mean for my ties back home. I love this school more than anything but I have never been on my own and I am scared if I can handle it! I have read all your blogs and I am most confident you can give me some reassuring advice to ease my mind!

December 4, 2010
— Ashley Carter

Hello to you both and thanks for reading! To Abdul: Student life at UT is busy. As for accommodations, I’m not sure if you mean on or off campus residency. If living on campus, I can’t offer any advice because I live off and have not experienced it even as a freshman. If living off campus, Austin real estate is pretty varied in quality, cost and proximity to campus. My advice to you would be to come to town and start looking. Austin is pretty easy to get around in, city buses run every thirty minutes from each stop and if you have a personal vehicle getting to know Austin takes a little time, but it’s pretty intuitive once you know the main streets in town. And as for the restaurants, Austin has some of the best eateries anywhere and Austin is very loyal to it’s independent businesses. Pick a few restaurants and start sampling!
To Ashley: Leaving home is certainly a difficult decision, but know that you will never be alone in Austin. As a freshman you will be living on campus and I’m sure you’ll make friends quickly. Austin IS a big city now, but it doesn’t feel that way, especially from the perspective of campus. Family and far away friends are only a phone call away and it makes summer and winter breaks that much more awesome to get to see everyone that you have missed. They will undoubtedly miss you, too. Think of leaving home as something that will be hard initially, but if you stick to it, make friends here on campus, study hard, keep in contact with home and after the first semester you will realize that this process of leaving home will actually pull you out of yourself and open up your world. It’s an essential experience!
Good luck to both of you!

December 7, 2010
— Allison
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