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Rainbows, flowers and balloons

The fast-paced, always on-the-go lifestyle of college students makes it very difficult for the occurrence of genuinely good days. Not to be a Debbie downer and say that college students have bad days on a daily basis, BUT there is a constant agenda that makes it hard to just relax.

Nonetheless, every now and then those glorious good days come. Good days that no matter how much one may have to do are just good days… the rest will take care of itself later. One of my best friends refers to such days as the “rainbows, flowers and balloons kind of days.” No, she’s not much of the cheesy type, but as she explains, what is more beautiful than a rainbow, flowers or balloons? (She swears they immediately make people happy.)

So about two weeks ago, I had one of these so desired good days. My morning went as usual getting ready for school, early dose of e-mail and perhaps finishing some sort of assignment (I’m a senior?). As I drove to campus two of my favorite songs on the radio set the tone for my day and as I arrived to campus the day got a lot better. I was about to approach C lot (one of UT’s parking options for students) hoping that I would find a parking spot when I was distracted by something to my left… a rainbow. Naturally, I thought the sleep deprivation had finally caught up with me and I was having some sort of delusion (I kid, but really there was no rain). Instead of stopping in the middle of traffic, I went on and parked my car; however, I could not help but to think of what I saw. So I decided to go back, despite the fact that I had to make it to class in 15 minutes and needed to make a 10 minute walk.

I approached the location and sure enough, there was a rainbow. I could not help but think of my friend and her theory on good days… I suppose I’ll have a good day I thought.  Needless to say, I did, I had an excellent day. However, there was nothing particularly different about my day — same classes, meetings, interactions with people, you name it. Nonetheless, I did see a rainbow. Now, I am not a firm believer of the rainbows, flowers and balloons theory that my friend takes to heart (after all there were no flowers or balloons!). Rather, I think back of what made me smile that morning and honestly it was the fact that I had a rainbow in front of me, but also the fact that I told myself that morning “I am going to have a good day.”

So is my friend’s good day theory true? Who knows. The one thing that I know is true is that sometimes it is necessary to have good, joyous days for no reason at all (or perhaps several reasons — your choice).

Lesson of the story: positive thinking can go a long way…now I am a firm believer of this concept. So today, tomorrow, and the day after, give it a try…maybe the universe will be on your side (maybe you’ll even see a rainbow) — life is too short, and the hectic college life is just temporary.

The little things. Enjoy!


Wishing YOU a marvelous day!

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November 27, 2010 | | Comments are closed for this post

2 Comments to Rainbows, flowers and balloons

Yep, you are so right! College life is short, and we should have positive thinking!!! Don’t you just love life. Love your blog. :)

December 1, 2010
— Jay

Very interesting points you have noted , thankyou for putting up. “I love acting. It is so much more real than life.” by Oscar Wilde.

December 13, 2011
Carmine Rightmire
photo of Berenice