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Let’s hear it for the girls!

UT’s women’s volleyball team won two thrilling matches this past weekend in the NCAA Regional Finals to advance to the Final Four. It was just as thrilling for me since I’d never seen a complete volleyball match, let alone one in person. So to have my first real volleyball viewing experience end so triumphantly was pretty awesome!

Lucky for me, I went to see these matches with a friend who played volleyball in high school and college. Once I understood the rules, and made my own parallels to tennis, I became a volleyball convert. Though my height (and lack of athletic talent) automatically prevented me from playing volleyball during my formative years, it’s nonetheless a great spectator sport. Especially when your team is as good as the Longhorns. It’s a true team sport since all the players must work together on the court in order to win the match. It’s also easy to watch since, without the factor of contact, you can actually see what’s happening the whole time (though after many unjustified calls it’s a bit unclear if the referee on the stand was actually watching the same game I was).

Despite some dodgy calls, the women’s team advanced to play in the Final Four on Thursday, December 16th in Kansas City. And with their determination, grit, and talent I know they’ll come out champions!

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Note to Self #13:

[I am the Sistine Chapel.]

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