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Longhorn Confidential

Teacher thinks that I sound funny…

…but she likes it when you sing. Now that the fall semester is over I will:

1. Get a new calendar and daily planner since my 2010 versions are kaput.

2. Take a look at the pile of books next to my computer and return them, lest they be recalled and I’m not around to drop them off.

3. File my notes and readings into the “fall 2010″ storage unit. This is one of the high points of my end-of-semester rituals.

4. Empty the contents of my backpack and shoulder bag. Return all writing utensils to my desk.

5. Respond to all the emails that have been on hold since late August.

6. Catch up on laundry, sew on all loose buttons, and watch Mad Men (seasons 2-3), though not in that order.

7. Read the news online everyday.

8. Make sure I remember to complete all the miscellaneous mini-tasks leading up to my wedding.

9. Write conference papers related to the abstracts that I’ve submitted over the past couple of months.

10. Wait a year to listen to The White Stripes’s We’re Going to Be Friends.

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December 14, 2010 | | By Doris | Comments Off

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