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The craft of your world.

As the semester draws to an end I find myself contemplating the “shoulds.”

I should have honed my study skills in the last semester. I should have learned how to be a more effective student. I should have spent more time in my home office saying “no” to boyfriend, friends and family. Will I employ these shoulds in the next semester? Most likely.

However, as the semester draws to an end I find that I have not only perfected my chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe (a MUST for procrastination) and at the same time maintained (to a scanty extent) my triathlon-ready physique, but I have maintained my sanity. I still, as a 25 year old woman, understand my purpose in my life and have upheld my end of the friend, family-member and fantastic-lady duties.

According to peers this semester, I have not only begun my tenure at UT during the most challenging semester of nursing school, but most students in their first semester at The University don’t score according to their potential. I don’t point this out in hopes of rallying support and validation for my mediocre first semester at this establishment(*sigh*), but I reference these facts(?) in hopes of finding a soul out there in the great beyond that doesn’t understand that adjustment is JUST. FINE.

The world is as we make it.

Take your finals.

Enjoy your family and friends.

Enjoy your time off.

Love where you are in life.



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