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Work: The Second Coming

Two weeks done at ExxonMobil and I feel like I’m starting to fit in here a wee bit more. People actually say hello to me by name in the hallways, and I really appreciate that minor fact of my day. Work is very casual here in the engineering side of things, probably much more so than in the corporate locations where it is necessary to dress up a little bit nicer and swear a little bit less.

I’ve gotten started on two of my three projects, but I still need a lot of help on them and I oftentimes feel like I’m bugging my very busy supervisors. Maybe I worry too much, but I find myself consciously trying to find the right amount of questions to ask and meetings to schedule with my bosses because the last thing I want to do is to pester them. Not sure if the progress that I’ve made on my projects is good progress, all things considered, but I don’t have the nerve to ask how I’m doing yet.

On the ¬†fun side, I was walking around my office building (okay, I admit I was lost…) last week and one office had a really cool decal on the door that read “Tiger Inside” – a reference to the Exxon Mascot. I think these came out before the “Intel Inside” marks that go on computers, but for sure, they look much more epic than the Intel ones in a 1990’s sense. I’m a really stupid buyer, so I just had to go online and find out where I could get them. A week later, they were at my house!


Only came in threes off eBay.

I also went to the Texas vs. Missouri basketball game this past Saturday where we absolutely trounced Mizzou through every single minute of the game. The refs were trying to give it to Mizzou, but we fought through that and our crappy free throw shooting to ride through another win. That plus our win at A&M last night makes me excited to fill out my office’s March Madness bracket and actually be sane when I put Texas as the champion. This was my first UT basketball game and somehow we managed to get the fourth row seats in the student section even though we didn’t arrive especially early, which was an awesome experience especially because Bill Powers came and joined us in the stands for a portion of the game. I also managed to get on ESPN as my dad called me afterwards to tell me. Wish I could find the video of the game so I could see for myself. Good week so far and as Mr. Powers says, “Give ‘em hell, Give ‘em hell, Go Horns Go”. Fact: This version is historically correct :)


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