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If personal ads still existed…

Mine would read: “Daydreaming graduate student seeks new novel for pre-bedtime reading and other moments of reality departure.”

After completing the Harry Potter series this evening, I am adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Is there anything else left to read? Will another novel inspire me to such soaring heights of triumph and devastating lows? Into which other world can I merrily escape?

I know there are novels for adults, the type of classic literature that has deep meanings and is thus analyzed the world over by suffering students. But I’ve read them and have the AP credit to prove it. I don’t want to be bowled over by subtext or overwhelmed by metaphor. I just want another space, carved out especially for me, to sneak into and steal dreaming moments.

And above all, I desperately want J.K. Rowling to continue spinning this yarn. Or any yarn, actually. Perhaps we could become pen pals. I simply refuse to stop listening for her voice and will never relinquish Potter’s adventure.

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March 10, 2011 | | By Doris | Comments Off

While Everyone Winds Down, I Gear Up

I just finished with my last class of the week, which means I am officially on vacation for Spring Break! It may surprise you to know that I’ve never had a “real” Spring Break while I’ve been in college. I’ve never had the 9 days off from school to just be a sponge or take a trip. While I have had a great time during Spring Break these past 3 years (I went to New York City for a few days last year and San Francisco the year before!), I have certainly had a wonderful time. That’s because for me, Spring Break is used as a time to prepare for Nationals.

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