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mental spring break ‘11!!!

When I just logged on to blog, I realized no one had blogged for about a week and it didn’t immediately occur to me why. Oh wait. It was Spring Break. For the past week, I’ve been working regular 8-5 hours while the rest of my classmates have been off on vacations in some really amazing places (and posting a million Facebook pictures, check-ins, and status just to torment me). It’s been hard and a good test of my motivation. It may be a small breakthrough, but I was focused enough to work through spring break, albeit with visions of a nice long summer vacation creeping in my thoughts. It seems like so long ago that I was in college hanging out with everyone and fumbling through my classes. ┬áDefinitely weird, but I kind of feel like an adult now with a full-time job, cooking for myself at night, and truly finding my own personal ambitions.

Pursuing this work term has been important to me because it’s definitely a great professional opportunity and a chance to learn how to apply schoolwork to the real world, but more profoundly it is a test of my own personal growth and adaptability. I chose to throw myself away from the personal relationships, places, and routine that I had known to try something new. The world spans quite a physical and cultural distance and I feel proud of my small triumph in tackling an occupational unknown early in my life. I may be more used to being independent since I grew up an only child with busy parents, but I think college kids all need to try to test their independency at some point during their undergraduate years. And I don’t mean just living away from home and having your mom doing the laundry on the weekends, I mean making a pretty significant break and getting away from it all. Meet new people in new places. I personally still have a lot that still needs to be done, but I’m growing everyday.

It’s been interesting not having a spring break and more and more I want to have a relaxing summer. The summer after high school, I researched at UT, then I went to school for the full year, took summer Business Foundations, then took class in the fall and in the winter, and now I am working full-time in Houston. I am just kind of exhausted. I know that I am prone to letting my ambitions drive me to be very very busy and that I oftentimes lose sight of work-life balance, so I really need to regain control. I have summer job offers, but I very much want to escape somewhere. I cannot be the type of person that lets work own his life, especially in these prime years. Maybe I’ll get U.S. citizenship and then I can go off to Europe or something. Who knows…




Cityscapes/Giant Nature photographs always make me feel calm and happy, no matter how cheesy. Guess that’s why they make calendars out of these, in order to keep those who count down the days sane. Prizes to whoever can name the country.

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