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Student Government Elections

Well, it’s that time of year again. The t-shirts, postcard-sized flyers, and posters pop up all over campus in support of Student Government Elections. People run around yelling in support of candidates, students bombard classmates to vote, and The Daily Texan (our campus newspaper) is taken over by article after article about Student Government (SG). Now, maybe it’s just me being a cynical senior, but over the past 4 years, I really haven’t seen much change come from SG. It might sound like I have a really negative attitude towards SG but I don’t; I just honestly don’t know what they do. I wish I did, though!

So, after 4 years of being on this campus, I really have no perspective of what SG does. I’m sure that they have done some really great work and I don’t doubt that there are some in the organization who truly care about the well-being of the campus. However, I am left wondering what the SG President offers me, as a student, other than a cardboard cut-out of themselves to look at when I walk down the stairs inside the University Co-Op.

I’m left wondering why every candidate promises to act as the student voice and yet, I see and hear nothing from them except during election time. I’m left wondering where all of the campaign promises end up. Now, I realize that I am just one student in a very large student population, but I’ve known the SG President or Vice-President every year since I’ve been on campus. A few have even been in the business school with me and yet, I’m still left questioning their visibility. Also, I feel like all of the Platforms are the same year-after-year. Where is the change? Where is a substantial impact on tuition? Where is the student voice in staff/faculty cuts? Where are more parking spaces? How has that changed from year-to-year? Has it changed from year-to-year?

This is probably more of a rant than anything else. I don’t have a solution to the problem because I don’t know enough about SG in the first place. As the Butler|Baker and Abel & Sameer campaigns face-off in a run-off this next week, I look forward to another few days of campaigning. I wish them all the best and I hope that whoever wins will leave a substantial impact on the campus (whether it’s behind the scenes or not). In the end, I can only hope that the candidates do more than just gain the status of local campus SG celebrity! I also wish more students participated in the election process, but hey, maybe that’s just representative of a whole other problem.

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