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An update

So I have three projects that I am working on at work, and they have been progressing quite nicely – if only I wasn’t limited by some software issues. I’ve learned that I enjoy longer term “do at your own pace” projects than the day to day activities that many other employees do; however, sometimes it is hard to keep motivated and fulfilled when the projects that you are working on are not nearing a finished state any time soon. It’s more about the process for many of these instances.  As time moves on it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated to do an activity that may have initially seemed really easy, but it is at this point that the quitters get weeded out. Work, relationships, and even blogging become harder to maintain over time because some of the initial sheen and glamour has worn away and the only motivation left is your own personal desires and goals. Only you can be held accountable for your actions at this point. I can see the finish line in sight, will I charge ahead or break down? I’ve scheduled my final presentation for May 12, we shall soon find out!

I also registered today and got all of the classes that I wanted. I usually sign up for more than I can handle knowing that I can drop a class when the semester starts, a task that is much easier than signing up for additional classes when the semester begins. It’s the same tuition either way as long as you are above 12 hours and I figure this way I always end up making some kid on the waitlist very happy in the Fall. Here’s what I’ve got.

CHE 354 = Transport Processes, which is a study of chemical engineering unit operations. This is a fundamental class for understanding how a Chem Plant works. CHE 350 = Chemical Engineering Materials, which should not be too bad, but it’s going to suck waking up at 8am. CHE 322 = Thermodynamics, which will be interesting since I was not the best at physical chemistry. CHE 253M = Fundamentals Lab, lots of time required to write the labs for only 2 credits, but it has to be done :( . PED107D = Beginners’ Golf, which is going to be my fun class. Hopefully the weather is nice in the Fall and I don’t have to play on dead fields. I’m also taking 679HA, which is my undergraduate honors thesis. I’m taking this a bit early in my career, but the main reason that I am doing so is I want to have a completed thesis in case I want to pursue graduate school instead of my current plan of going straight into industry. I always have a backup plan, this one is just a bit more elaborate.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Comment to An update

Bill are you taking summer classes;
For ChemE majors what is the best way to spend summer (in terms of internships and coops).

May 8, 2011
— Stan
photo of Bill