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Spring Forward

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of a year and consequently to the end of this journey together. Many things have happened since I last posted:

-I joined the Texas Triathletes (UT triathlon team) at College Nationals in Tuscaloosa Alabama in April and raced my first Olympic distance! It was an incredible time and I’ve met so many wonderful new people on the team.

-I changed my major slightly so that when I am done at UT I will be leaving with two degrees! I am currently working on a Bachelors in Human Development and when that is completed I will transfer back to the nursing school and complete the Alternate Entry MSN program which will grant me my nurse practitioner license. Exciting changes!

-I applied for my first paramedic job for a nearby service west of Austin and am still waiting to hear back about the position. (They should be calling today, in fact!)

I am currently enjoying my 5 days of summer vacation before I start back for summer classes. My summer (aside from the three classes I am taking) will be filled with creative interests, triathlons and sunscreen.

Thank you all for following me through my first year at The University of Texas at Austin,

Happy trails,


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