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Oprah ends and so must I

Since my last blog post I have slipped comfortably into summer. Perhaps my most favorite season, since I prefer the heat to the cold, I have taken advantage of the slow post-finals pace of life. I finished my last final over ten days ago and took a couple of days off to catch up on laundry, cleaning, errands, and bills and get a much needed haircut. I sleep for nine hours a night and am eating lots of watermelon. Though the beach is not on my agenda (at least not until a trip to Key West in August), this fortnight has been all together very summery.

Which all changes on Monday, when I travel to Chile to start research for my dissertation. Spending two-ish weeks south of the equator is a tricky packing challenge. I won’t start pulling out my sweaters until Sunday, but just thinking about wearing boots and corduroy makes me shiver. Not only will I be changing seasons, I’ll also be resuming my studies. Though graduate students have the summer off, it’s not a period for tanning but for conducting research. And once I return to ATX I’ll organize my notes, transcribe interviews, and start preparing my dissertation prospectus.

I’m thrilled to be starting work on my dissertation since one of the aspects I like most about being a graduate student is working on my own research. I still have one semester of seminars ahead of me, but nothing like the year I’ve just had. I knew being registered for 14 hours was going to be tough and it definitely was. I’m not sure how I made it hereā€”finals completed, papers submitted, etc. To be honest I start every semester wondering how I’ll make it through. It’s taken a few days to realize that I’m actually finished and I can finally exhale, sleep in until 10:30, and feast on watermelon.

Thank you, readers, for spending this year with me. It’s been great to hear your feedback. Participating in this project has been the most lovely escape for me and I look forward to future posts. Besos!

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