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Note to Self #18:

[Old habits die hard.]

There have been several constants in my life, which have been with me through thick and thin. Habits that just won’t go away, even if I wanted to shake them off, like my passion for the color purple, my enthusiastic love for Disney, and my strong need to dance. They have followed me throughout my life, and my need for dance actually brought me to the University of Texas. I visited my senior year and fell in love with the Winship building, the spectacular program, and the stellar staff. So when I was admitted as my second choice major — Mathematics — I was more than bummed that I wouldn’t be walking around in tights and a signature ballet bun.

Like it is said in the Mamma Mia song “Thank You For the Music”; “Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk”. I’ve danced it all, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, and everything in between. My elementary school dance teacher encouraged me to pursue dancing, introduced me to my favorite dance company — Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and continues to inspire me today. She passed away my senior year of high school and that’s when I knew I was determined to follow my passion of dance. I’ve been discouraged, put down, and told I wasn’t good enough, but her spirit encourages me to continue on and do what I love. Dancing, to me, is the greatest release of emotion; which is why I love to use it as a venue to express what I am feeling at the moment. When I’m dancing, I can feel so much joy, and I am glad I found that here at UT.

During my Spring semester I took five amazing master classes! I loved learning West Side Story’s “America”, “Singing in the Rain” from Gene Kelly’s niece, African diaspora choreography, and attending my bi-weekly Broadway Jazz class with Natasha Davison, who has her own impressive resume, including dancing with the national tour of Cats for 6 years! My involvement in the performing arts culture at UT has been like taking a big dose of happy pills and has made my freshman year extremely memorable. This is one old habit I think I’m going to keep.

(: Felicia

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