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driving into the summer

So for all of next week, I will be in Burnet, TX with no internet at all as part of an engineering leadership retreat called LeaderShape. This means that I have to say goodbye to this semester of blogging and to Longhorn Confidential a week earlier than everyone else. To start, blogging was an amazing experience and something that I want to continue on even after Longhorn Confidential. I have a very busy life, and I really cherished the moments when I was able to sit down and reflect on the direction and history of my life. I wish I could have blogged more this semester, but I thank you all for reading along throughout my sophomore year as I grew and matured. Somehow, this year has given me a lot of perspective and direction, and yet has also managed to confuse the hell out of me.

I want to thank all of the people at Longhorn Confidential who made this blogging opportunity possible and for supporting me along the way. I also want to thank my great friend and Fall ‘10 roomate, Reuben, who was the person who originally told me to try out for Longhorn Confidential. He heard about the opportunity and surprisingly thought I was interesting enough to join the ranks of the bloggers. I fully endorse him to try out for next year’s Longhorn Confidential as I think his life rotates on a much more interesting axis than mine.

So I guess I need to leave one life lesson or some type of message before I sign off. Thinking about it, I guess my message would be that expectations and “the plan” are usually very different from reality. I found that out this year in a number of ways – some good, some bad. Sometimes I found myself to be too much of an idealist and wanted people to share the same dreams and vision as I had, but usually these expectations are unrealistic. Even when I believe they are realistic, I am usually missing a blind spot. So have goals, have dreams, have desires, but always have a backup plan. Life is one big crapshoot sometimes, and even when you think you got it, you really really don’t got it. Curveballs will be thrown at you, but always stay strong. Consider what you want out of life, but always be ready for change.

It’s been great blogging for all of you guys and gals, but I got a long week ahead of me and a long summer ahead. Oh, I almost forgot! For my summer, I’m going to be working for a solar energy company in Austin and then heading to China for a vacation in August. I don’t think this summer will be as strenuous as my spring work, so I’m still looking forward to relaxing and unwinding a bit. Anyways, I gotta sign off for now, but if you ever see me walking around campus, please come and say Hi! I’d love to talk!

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2 Comments to driving into the summer

Welcome back to China, my friend!

If you come to Beijing, I can show you around

July 19, 2011
— qi luqing

I’m a student of chemical engineering in China. You went to work in ExxonMobil? Really cool!!

July 19, 2011
— qi luqing
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