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the recap of work

First off, I sincerely apologize for not updating this blog frequently these past three weeks. I’ve really been on a tear at work since Easter as the “final stretch” kind of came down. But now it is all better and I am finally finished with my spring co-op term; I’m just sitting at home relaxing right now (I’m actually prepping to head up to Austin for a leadership retreat) and really want to take a second to look back at what has happened since Easter-time.

I managed to complete a good portion of the projects that I was given, or at least enough that my bosses seemed very satisfied with my work. To make up for the slow start that I had coming out of the gate in January, I really had to crunch down and even work nights sometime to finish these projects. I was very motivated at the end and might have gone and tossed work-life balance aside for a bit in order to finish my projects, but I really do feel like I created something of value at my time at ExxonMobil. My final presentation went very well despite only a couple of practice runs, and the final report that I had to write is acceptable… One of the main problems with working in a technology group like I did is that almost all of the things that I worked on were proprietary, so there was definitely a lot of detail left out in my final report that I know could have increased the quality of the report. For my next co-op term during Summer 2012, the current plan is to move from ExxonMobil Chemical to ExxonMobil Production. Chemical is the very end of the cycle for petroleum where portions of petroleum get turned into basic chemicals that go into plastics and fibers like polyester. Production is the division of ExxonMobil that is involved with extracting the oil out of the ground and improving the facilities that do this. I think this will be a very different experience and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

One of the key takeaways that I have from work is a newfound professionalism. I think my maturity really stepped up a couple of notches after being in a work environment that requires constant teamwork within an older demographic. College kids are very motivated individuals, but oftentimes they prioritize fun and parties and booze over common sense and respect; which is something that I find very disappointing here at UT. I was able to see what the real world was like and really confirm the skills and attitude necessary to go places. And boy, do I want to go places…

So I learned a lot, met a lot of great people, and instead of paying tuition, I got paid for a change. Two thumbs up!

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