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Why am I here?

Sup! I’m Khang. I figured you will learn too much about me throughout these weeks and from Facebook-stalking. So I’ll skip the usual formalities for now.

Why am I Here?

First and foremost, I have always been an advocate of sharing knowledge and wisdom. My successes and failures I hope will aid in inspiring and warning countless peoples who are about to embark on a journey through college for the first time. As a freshman, I will give as much insight into transitioning from high school to college and debunk some of the myths and misconceptions along the way. I still have younger friends back home who often ask me and other college students for advice on food, housing, academic and social life, and everything in between. And I invest a lot of time into giving the best responses possible. In more philosophical terms, life is not only about self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment; one must put forth all energies into the intellectual and technological progress his/her own society.

Furthermore, I love to write. Actually, I despise essay prompts, which require me to give my opinions on topics that I don’t necessarily care for at that moment. But with this blog, I have the liberty to express my most heartfelt desires. I can freely speak my mind rather than respond to some senseless, lifeless scrap of paper, punishment known as the SAT Reasoning Test. No longer am I restrained by what will give me a good grade. This is more like the real world!

What I Hope to Gain

Recently, I read John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty for UGS 303, Freedom: Philosophy, History, Law. One of his main theses is that humans gain knowledge and truth by testing differing opinions against each other, weighing the pros and cons of all positions, and (hopefully) reach a new consensus or outlook. The very same ideas apply to our dialogue here. I have a firm clutch on my beliefs. And many of these opinions will make themselves evident on this blog. But this does not mean I am always right. I hope to engage in open and intellectual debates on these topics. As we discuss, our differing opinions will clash, forcing us to reevaluate our beliefs and possibly change them for the better. New questions and realizations will undoubtedly arise that will enrich our understanding of college, our personal lives, and the world. I certainly don’t want to simply inscribe petty words of advice to a dead, apathetic audience. Hopefully we can all correct our mistakes, consider various points of view, and come to novel realizations.

Of course, not everything I post here will be so deeply philosophical. Some posts will show more insight into my life here. It’s like Facebook stalking, except I’m doing most of the stalking for you.

On that note, if there are any issues or topics you would like for me to indulge your eyes with, feel free to comment below or contact me. I do not simply wish to write about what I feel is important if none of you gain anything from it.

Outlook and Aspirations for Freshman Year

For this first semester, I hope to acclimatize to this college thing, and it seems to be going smoothly…so far. I’m already joining a few clubs and getting myself involved on campus. There is a lot to explore here, from all the opportunities to the new people and the lack of parental restraint. My goal is to embrace as many of these as I can. Once you get here, you will certainly find your own niche as well.

With my desires and wishes in mind, let me, your guinea pig, your test dummy, try to unravel all the mysteries here at the University of Texas at Austin. And you have earned the front seat to watch and scrutinize all my excessive stumbles and failures. What a treat!

P.S. I would like to thank the three people who edited the blog piece I used in the selection process for Longhorn Confidential. Their friendships and advice were invaluable to me.

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