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Carrots or Karats?

Today, I joined the ranks of thousands of former longhorns and ordered my class ring.

To many people who do not understand, this is looked at simply as a status symbol. Well, half of that statement may be true. It is a symbol but it is not simply one of status.

That ring is a symbol that I have survived Jester West and the 3:00 a.m. fire alarms on the 13th floor.

That rings is a symbol that I made it through my freshman drop classes and did not go crazy.

That ring is a symbol that I successfully learned all aspects of cellular biology and chemistry… FOR MAJORS!

That ring is a symbol that I spent countless hours and dollars at the U.T. Learning Center.

That ring is my proof that an all-nighter will pay off in the long run.

That ring is my way of knowing that I learned how to navigate Austin on the CapMetro.

That ring will help me remember those times I walked across campus in a tropical storm because attendance was a grade.

That ring will help me remember those first weeks of each semester when it is 100+ degrees and nobody is happy.

That ring will help me remember that though I may have failed all of my first exams, I passed all the ones that followed.

That ring will help me to remember the sacrifices that my parents made in order for me to get a top notch education. (Thanks!)

Everything about today was absolutely amazing. It was great going into the Alumni Center and knowing that in less than two years I will join those amazing people. Though I will probably have to sell plasma and a vital organ in order to afford it, I cannot wait to wear the ring. By participating in the events of today, I was given my first “light at the end of the tunnel” experience and know that I AM going to survive the 40 Acres.

I remember about halfway through my freshman year, sitting in my dorm room and thinking that I was never going to make it. My grades were tanking, I was not happy, and I had no clue what I wanted to do with my education. Coming from DeKalb, I did not know anybody in any of my classes and was overwhelmed at the fact that two of my classes had 500 people (larger than my entire high school). I remember seeing other students on campus with their rings on and simply thinking there was no way I would ever have one of my own.

Well as you can probably guess, I did make it. I dusted myself off, swallowed my pride, Q-dropped two classes, and changed my major. I joined some organizations on campus and made some friends. I survived. So when I get that ring in November I will wear it with pride and hold it forever as my symbol that I did it.

So, let me do a quick plug for class rings and encourage all Horns younger than me, that when given the opportunity… order your class ring.

Ciao and Hook’em!


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1 Comment to Carrots or Karats?

You get your ring this month?!?!?

November 9, 2011
— Sam Hodges
photo of Landon