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Hoy Me Decidi

Hoy me decidi is a song by on of my favorite bands Reik. The title means “Today I Decided.”

You know…We really don’t know what the future holds.  All we know about is the present, and if we do as much as we can with that…then it’s all good.

Once Upon A Weekend play cast and team

Once Upon A Weekend play cast and team

Today I woke up at 9:19 am for my 10:00 o’clock class.  For those of you that think that’s enough time to get to the Winship (Theatre and Dance) building, consider the fact that I live about a 15 minute walk from the Union.  My class is about ten extra minutes walking fast from the Union. I also had to shower, get dressed, and grab my back pack.  All I can say is LIVE ON CAMPUS! It’s more convenient.  I lived in Jester for 2 years, and even if I woke up late I made it to class.

I said a small prayer while walking towards the Union, and in a second the West Campus bus came.  It was full, and while I was adjusting my balance I accidentally knocked a tea out of the person standing next to me hand.  I felt horrible.  The bright side is that the person was super nice about it, and so was the bus driver.

I came into my Theatre History class to a great surprise.  FOOD!  Cupcakes, inside-out-oreos, and my favorite orange juice.  My professor Cassidy is amazing.  I thought theatre history would be boring, but she made it fun.

I had a jam-packed weekend.  I volunteered at the high school Directing Young Audience Showcase  (where I got to see amazing high school students act). I studied  all day for my spanish quiz on Saturday and celebrated my friend Ana Laura’s 21st Birthday at her party. Sunday  was spent at a UT REED meeting planning for a volunteer trip to Honduras this May. I’m super excited about this opportunity because I’ve always wanted to do international volunteering in Latin America. Polly and I had lunch at Thai Noodle House.  I don’t know whether I was hungry, or what …but that was the best food ever!  Lastly, I finished my Theatre History paper, UT Lab Theatre application, and slept. Also my friends Ja’Michael and Jorge got casted for next semesters UTNT plays!  I’m so excited to see them perform next semester.

During the course of  this semester I’ve realized a lot of things:

Polly and me at my first game UT vs. Tech

Polly and me at my first game UT vs. Tech

1. The Arts are Important: I was auditioning for The Vagina Monologues in the Gender and Sexuality Center on one of the actors auditioning (who happened to take my Theater History class) asked me if I had heard about an editorial article called “The Questionable Value of Arts Programs” in the Daily Texan.  I told her no, and she gave me the spill.  Basically, this writer ranted about his disdain for arts programs, and how more practical programs deserved more money.  While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am saying mine.  Seeing those high school students last Friday made me realize that art builds confidence, critical thinking skills, and friendships. I’ve meet some of my best friends working on theatre productions.

2. That God is Important: This semester I started going to Lafe Missionary groups and I met a wonderful friend name Clara, who has encouraged me to seek a relationship with God this semester.  Going to bible study every week has given me spiritual growth.  Plus, I love the girls.  They make me laugh.  I encourage everyone to engage in spiritual activity.  Whatever it is to you.

3. The UT Spirit is Important: Okay, all you die-hard longhorn fans…DON’T judge me.  I went to my first game this semester.  It really helped rejuvenate my UT Spirit.  Seeing a whole crowd decked out in burnt orange is something special.  I can now say that I am a true longhorn, and that I will be spending money on that LASP pass so that I can attend all the games next year.

Ira and me playing Just Dance

Ira and me playing Just Dance

4. That friends and family are important: I talk to my mom everyday.  She is my best best friend.  I can’t wait to go home and see my wonderful family and I am blessed I am to have them in my life.  Without them, I wouldn’t be were I am today. My friends are magnificent as well.  This semester although we all live in different places, I’ve seen my friends more than last year, and freshman year combined.

5. That direction is Important: I am doing the IE Pre-graduate internship with my mentor Professor Rene Carrasco.  I’ve learned so much about Spanish grad school this semester, and I don’t think Spanish literature is what I want to study. I am leaning more towards African American and African Diaspora, or Latin American Studies. I like Rene because he is real about the whole experience. I’ve been able to sit in on grad classes, and talk to graduate students. I encourage anyone who is interested in this experience to do the IE program next semester. Through the program I have been encouraged to study aboard and I am applying to spend a semester in the Dominican Republic next fall.  Rene has not only helped me in my grad school decision, but he has helped ignite even more passion, and determination to learn Spanish fluently.

Lisa and me at Fest Africa show by the African Student Association

Lisa and me at Fest Africa show by the African Student Association

6. That saying NO is important: This semester I diffidently bit off more than I could chew.  I was Parlimentarian of LULAC, and Community Service Chair of UT Service Scholars.  Leadership positions ARE A BIG COMMITMENT.  I realized at the end of the semester that I couldn’t commit to both, and still do well in school.  I also had to cut choir for this semester, but I will return next semester.  Sometimes you have to make tough decisions that will better help you.

Lesson #_:  If you take anything from this post, always remember to work hard, follow your passions, and appreciate your life.  You’ve only got one.  Make it count.

P.S. Scholarship applications for continuing and transfer students are out.  Apply for that free money!

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4 Comments to Hoy Me Decidi

This blog offered some great advice and awesome pictures – especially the one from your first football game! ;) Thanks for being an amazing friend!! Oh and where can we find out more about that free scholarship money for continuing students? haha

November 23, 2011
— Polly Marie Matthews

I saw that “Daily Texan” article as well… actually I think every art student at UT did. Kudos for mentioning it here, I’ve been drafting a post responding to that article next week… after I finish school work. Hope your semester is wrapping up nicely! Love your posts!

November 30, 2011
— Rebecca

Scholarships are on Apply! Apply!

Thank you so much. I really enjoy reading your posts!

December 5, 2011
— Jelisa

I really like that Jelisa…appreciate life.

No matter where you are in life today…right now, you can always make it better. Rough times will not last always. The power to change is yours.

With love, Mom

January 26, 2012
— Lenora Robinson
photo of Jelisa