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Week of Work and Rewards

I understand that this is a student blog and I should share some of my student life with the online world, so here is my week from November 13 until today. It has been a week of hard work and great rewards!

My week started on Sunday, which I know some people and places in the world think is the last day of the week, but in my world it is the first. On Sunday night I had my final Liberal Arts Council Leadership Team Meeting of the semester where we reflected and looked forward to the coming one. It is amazing to look back at what all we as a Council have accomplished in one semester, from publishing the first college newsmagazine, to passing the very first college specific piece of legislation, and building the LAASO (Liberal Arts Affiliated Student Organizations) program; this semester has seen great progress in LAC (Liberal Arts Council) and we continue to work towards representing the students and the college the best ways possible.

Monday came to a close with a LACTBAC (Liberal Arts College Tuition and Budget Advisory Committee) meeting where we discussed more ways to assist the college in various issues ranging from budget cuts to retention rates. Though I am certainly partial, I feel as though our CTBAC is paving the way for other colleges and helping to show the leaders of this university where students place their priorities when it comes to their education. I love serving on this committee and working with a great team where each member brings a different idea and strength to the table. In a little over a year, we have helped to shape the ways in which deans in our college make decisions and it is a very rewarding experience knowing that we are making a difference not only today but for many years into the future.

Tuesday was Liberal Arts Council General Assembly where there is never a dull moment. This year our Council has some extraordinary members that are deeply passionate about their college and its success. Though I may serve on the Executive Board, it is our members that are our fuel supply. They are the ones that go out and do so much for so many people not only within our college but throughout our university. Joining Council was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made here at the University and I am very much appreciative for all of the opportunities it has given me and people I have been able to work with. Though I sometimes get frustrated or impatient with various aspects of the Council, I still love it and am so proud of the work that we have done. Our members, our Committee Chairs, and my fellow Executive Officers are some of the most amazing people on this campus and they are constantly coming up with new, innovative and amazing ideas to improve our college.

I was given my ring on Wednesday and I cannot begin to share with you how amazing the night was. Though the ceremony was short, the speaker was wonderful (anybody who can tie together ancient Egypt with “Lord of the Rings” gets an A in my book)! I never thought the moment would come when I would have a ring of my own but on Wednesday, that dream and wish was fulfilled. I must admit though, the greatest part of the night had absolutely nothing to do with me. At the end of the ceremony, when roughly 200-300 students had been given their rings, a special ring was given out. That ring was given to a graduating member of the 1982 class, who was not able to afford a ring of her own at the time. That graduates daughter was getting her ring that night and felt it only right that her mother have a ring of her own. It was very touching to see the surprise on the mothers face and to watch her be presented a ring by her daughter. The moment was surreal and one that I will never forget. Then at the end, when the graduate of 1982, my fellow classmates and I had on our rings, we all put our horns in the air and sang “The Eyes of Texas.”

Italian dominated my day on Thursday. I had my last Italian quiz in my last foreign language class. A weight has now been lifted off my shoulders because I know I will never have to undergo any more of that stress. After spending the past three semesters learning an entirely new language, I tip my hat to those who are bilingual. Congratulations! My experience in a foreign language class has been one of many highs and lows. I want to take this moment and thank Signora (who has a name I will never say or spell correctly) for pushing me to my limits and showing me that fear is an effective teaching method. I would also like to thank my classmates, the ones that sat around me for three semesters and kept me sane. We struggled together and we celebrated together and congrats, we are almost done!

It is now Friday, a day I can finally relax and catch up on the hours of sleep I have been missing; however, if today is like any other in my life, then there will be some form of excitement and adventure. It has been a great week, one where I have been stressed to the max but one where I have continued to learn and grow. I would not change any moment of this week because it will now go into my support system and become a brick that has built me.

To all my fellow classmates, we are almost there! Best of luck on your tests, projects, and papers!

Ciao and Hook’em!


P.S. It is 3:43 a.m. and ou still SUCKS!

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1 Comment to Week of Work and Rewards

I enjoyed reading this. Especially the part about how we are almost there! College is really amazng, but it takes a lot of hard work. Good jb, and good luck. Congrats on the class ring!

November 20, 2011
— Jelisa
photo of Landon